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Giveaway From Android in Canada #3 – Winner Announced

Winner Announced: Ksnazel.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. If you didn’t win, please come back again and try out for the next one. I will have another contest starting up the next coming Friday, so stay tuned!

Contest is now close.


Update: Just a reminder to all you Galaxy Nexus users out there. If you have not already entered to win the extra battery for the Galaxy Nexus, don’t miss your chance. There are two days remaining until a winner is chosen. Don’t wait, enter for your chance to win today!


I’m hosting another giveaway today, which marks the 3nd official giveaway since I started keeping track.

If you want these giveaways to be more frequent and with bigger gifts, then help us spread the word by sharing our pages. The more traffic we get, the more we can give back to you.

To be eligible to win, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • Must be a resident of Canada
  • Enter your request for the prize only once, as additional attempts may forfeit your chances.
  • Be sure to include your E-mail so I may contact the chosen winner. (not required to be within your comment)
  • The chosen winner will have 24 hours to respond when I email them for request of mailing address. Failure to respond in time will result in a new winner being selected.
  • There must have at least 10 entries for an eligible winner to be chosen. (Share this page to ensure that)
  • The winner will be chosen and announced the following Friday.

What’s up for grabs today?


2300mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

A very good backup battery for the Galaxy Nexus. Never be caught in the bad situation with a dead battery again, keep a backup with you at all times.


How do I win?: It’s simple. Just tell me why you need it, perhaps a story of when you ran out of battery at a critical moment in your life.

I will select a winner at random, or by the optional reason posted.

Remember to share our articles. The more traffic we get, the more frequent and bigger gifts we will have to give back to you.

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  • Anonymous

    Every time I go to a baseball game, I run out of juice. Trying to follow everything that happens during the game on Twitter and the MLB app, taking pictures, etc.
    I don’t need an extra battery, I ordered the extended Galaxy Nexus battery Tom recommended a few months ago, and a desktop charger with another extra battery. So right now I’ve got the stock Samsung NFC, a chinese battery of the same size, and the fat battery arriving any day.
    Thanks for posting about those Tom!

  • Feeling naked!

    I know a great reason why I need one. Apparently I’m a noob. I had a rough day at work yesterday and decided to drown myself in a bottle of happy grape juice 😀 In my relaxed state, I forgot to charge my Galaxy Nexus. This morning, I was forces to endure my morning bus ride without my plate of TedTalk with a side of AiC twitter updates. I’m in the office now in the eastern time zone, running my GN off of my colleagues Blackberry charger. I feel dirty… :s

  • I have a completely selfish reason why I need the battery – it’s because I just bought a Galaxy Nexus and I can’t keep my hands off the thing!  I spent a month researching phones and decided on this one because of the high resolution screen, but when I check the battery logs I’m astounded to see the screen consistently being the greatest battery drain.  On my last phone, the LG Optimus One (a great phone that I loved), the screen was close to dead last in power consumption.

    I don’t use my phone as a business tool or for anything productive.  I’m tweeting, I’m wardriving, I’m Wikipediaing every what-if that jumps into my head, I’m taking photos of my budgies, I’m playing sudoku.. I even installed adosbox and ran Windows 3.1 on my phone just because I could!!  I need serious battery to waste time this efficiently!

  • Mike Eves

    Hey Tom, Great giveaway as usual! Shared on every Social Network I’m on, just for the sake of getting AiC more viewers, plus great giveaways like this are another great point to make when convincing my friends to ditch there outdated Blackberry’s and iPhones!

    As to why I need an extended battery? I think we ALL need one as stock is too tiny 🙂 but in my specific case.. UPDATES!

     Flash, Flash, Flash, Reboot, check the forums/twitter/G+ for  ROM/Kernel/Baseband update, Social Media update… Oh Look, there is another Google Play Update..  Update my Foursquare/Latitude/FB Check In (Look I”m at Starbucks! Oh and update my SBux card balance too!) Update my friends across ALL IM Platforms, Update my UI, oh and last of all.. UPDATE ANGRY BIRDS !!!

  • Great Blog. First time caller, long time listener.
    One time helping my cousin move to a new home, he was in the truck i was following with other stuff in the car. Why ask for the address or directions for the new home when i can just follow the big truck?
    My old LG flip phone then died as i lost him on the road.

    Scrambling to try and find pay phones, epic fail.

    found him about two hours later.

    At least most of the truck was unloaded by the time i got there 🙂

  • Limster

    Love the blog.  thanks for the giveaways.

    I’d love to battery.  I just got the Nexus (mainly because my old Captivate had battery life sucking problems) — I would have recurring nightmares (fueled by some real life events) that in the midst of a work day where I’m out all day with my phone as my major ‘computer’ I look over at a crucial moment, and the battery is dead.  

  • Scott B

    Why do I need a bigger/spare battery for my GNex?

    Well, I live in North Delta, right on the Surrey border, but work in downtown Vancouver. So I spend about 2 hours on transit each day. This takes a huge toll on my battery life as I pass the time reading AiC and other lesser awesome websites and blogs. Plugging in my phone at work is not an option as I’m not stationary long enough for it to get a decent charge.

    So an extra battery would be amazing as it would save me in the times when I’m running on fumes on my way home.

    Thanks for considering me to win! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why do i need a battery..
    I work in Healthcare in the I T department. and one of the few Android-ers, everyone is on IOS, and i like to stick out.
    i am trying to push the benefit of android, and the super long battery life would be great to show off.
    i would even put a AIC sticker on my phone.. 🙂

  • Brett Bellaire

    Hey, I’m a teacher, and my school, although it’s in a bigger city, has a void of reception around it.  So my phone seems to constantly be looking for service, and draining the battery (not that I’m allowed to use it during the day anyway!!!). The difference than on the weekend is astounding…

  • Ksnazel

    One of the beauties of an Android phone is the ability to swap out batteries as needed unlike that other popular phone.

    Unfortunately I do not yet have a spare battery for my Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t you know it while taking pictures of the kid’s birthday party at Captain Kids I ran out of juice! So I am hoping +Tom Gray of +Android in Canada will bestow his extra battery to me. Cheers.

    • An Email as been sent requesting mailing Address
      Congratulations ^_^

  • Luc St-Germain

    I enjoy my Galaxy Nexus immensely, however I use it so much that I have to charge it every day (missing some precious moments with it while it is charging!). 
    Also, when a hardware problem occurs with my company, I use my phone to quickly connect to my laptop and try to fix the problem. How am I supposed to do that if my phone ran out of battery?  😉

  • Matt P.

    Having a wife with a physical disability means I need to be available at all times to take a call from her in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, I also love Android, so I am cursed with shorter than normal battery life, especially since I use my phone A LOT. An extended battery would split the gap between using my phone for what I want and using my phone for what I need.

  • Matthewr87

    I work in a science lab that is constructed of reinforced concrete. My phone is thus struggling to find a signal throughout the work day and by the time I am ready to head home I have very little battery life left. An extended battery would at least help get me through the day and ensure I can still use my cellphone on the way home. 

  • The GNex is, by far, the best phone I’ve ever used, except for the battery life.  I’ve taken some measures to improve the longevity:  I’ve installed custom firmware (BlackIce) that modifies most of the primary apps to be as dark as possible, since AMOLED screen use less power displaying dark colours;  I’ve installed a custom kernel that undervolts and underclocks the CPU;  I’ve removed most of the apps that use frivolous background data; and with the recent news about ad-supported apps using 5x the battery of ad-free apps I actually spent about $100 on apps over the past few weeks.
    However, I still found myself out of battery on a recent trip to the grand canyon.  I managed to capture a few panorama shots, and then ran out of juice so I had to go sit in the car while the phone charged.

  • Adam

    I love my GN and my Family.  I work long hours and use my GN to keep in touch with my wife to hear about our new baby girl and their daily happenings.  I get random pics and messages and it makes my day.  Unfortunately, I find myself sort (and often out) of power before I return home at the end of the day.  It would be nice to get those message and pics all day. 

  • Justin Parnell

    I would love to be the lucky reciepient of said extended battery for several reasons.

    First and foremost, I am working on developing a custom kernel for the GNex with all the usuals (hotplug mod, LiveOC, TUN, NFS, plus a couple of nice little treats made possible with the 3.3 code merge), so I’m a bit of a monster on my current battery, and haven’t yet aquired a backup.

    Second, this battery won’t break my NFC, which I need for some of the NFC tag applications I’m working on.

    Third, being that I’m an Android evangelist, one of the first things that I show my fruit-phone toting compatriots when pimping the Droid (after giving them a brief demo of the beauty that is ICS) is my battery use screen. The GNex already gets amazing bat life, and I woul love to have a little more to throw in their faces.  🙂

  • Lynn

    A few weeks ago, I went to catch up with my friend  and we were going to walk her dog whilst catching up. Before we left her house, I went to the restroom and when I came out, her dog was nowhere to be found. It turns out that she didn’t close the front door correctly and her dog ran out and went loose. In the neighbourhood that she lives in, her dog can only run right or left from her house since all of the houses are fenced so she went one way while I went the other. We told each other that we’d call each other if her dog was found. After almost 2 hours, I finally found her dog sitting on a bench at a bus stop. I took out my phone only to find that it was dead. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem since I could easily find my way back.. but as I looked around, I didn’t quite know where I was since I walked around, and in circles, for so long. Thankfully, I was in front of a little asian jewelry store, and so I walked in to ask to use the phone. As I dialed her number, I realized that she recently switched carriers to get the nexus as well, and changed her phone number. I was panicking and what was worse was the her dog pooped in the jewelry store! I had to embarrassingly ask for a bag to clean it up. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I had to stay in the store for 10 more minutes while I charged my phone (thankfully, I carry around my charger). If I had that extra 500mah, I could have avoided that whole, embarrassing situation. 

  • Ed

    I keep on running out of batter with my GN. Towards the end of the night, at the 15% warning, I start turning off everything, wifi, gps, sync. I’m closing apps from the recent apps list hoping it stops it from running in the background. Just hoping to make it home without my phone dying on me.

  • David Gaines

    First time caller, long time listener. You guys are awesome!

    Well, I hope you just take pity on me. This post will be shorter than my last post which didn’t get to you (let me explain).

    I am having one of those days, literally running from job to job with no time to find my feet or, worse still, charge my phone. I am heavily reliant on GApps and therefore my GNexus to get things done. I unplugged my phone at 4am and have either had it to my ear or have been on email, talk or docs ever since then. Finally I was sitting in a quiet place for a moment and check my RSS feed… “Glory, glory…” an extended battery giveaway from my favourite site!

    As I started my comment and signed into diqus with my google account I got the 4% beep and the red exclamation (you all know what I mean). My heart sunk and I typed as quickly as I could on my soft keyboard to ‘beat the battery’. Just as I had typed my final words “…please take pity on me and my 100 to 3% morning…” someone called me and, not able to any longer take the strain, my phone shut down.

    So here I am, an hour later, on my computer with my phone charging by my side with the same plea. Please AIC take pity on me and my 100 to 3% morning!

  • Anonymous

    I could really use this for all the business trips I go on where I have to be connected to data 24/7.  I hate having my cell phone die in he middle of a meeting. 

    Edit: And yes having my phone die happens all the time lol.

  • Victor Dombrowski

    I do a lot of camping, rock climbing, and mountaineering and use my GN as my clock, GPS, and emergency device.  I have ran out of juice multiple times and it has never been a big deal, but there could be a time when I need to contact emergency services and a backup battery could save my life.  P.S. Obviously I take the proper precautions when I go out; I also carry a PLB for real emergencies; but it makes for a compelling reason.

  • Andrew Steadman

    Would love a bigger battery. no sob story.

  • Andre Maillet

    well i just bought the galaxy nexus and love the phone.. I can’t quite make it through a full day with it. I had ordered a battery on ebay however seller ripped me off and I never received the batteries. I am going throught paypal to get my money back however so far quite frustrating. I am either going to have to buy it again and have to wait 1 month or maybe I will be lucky enough to win this one. This would be so awsome. By the way I like your site. It is nice to see canadian tech sites. I addicted to phones and tablets. I have a nexus, samsung focus, galaxy tab 10.1 4g and asus transformer with dock…lol…I live for this stuff…..! Good luck to everyone

  • Candal02

    I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus and don’t need the battery, but wanted to say I love this site and I love Android. Keep up the great work! Am sharing this page anyway with some friends that own a GN. Cheers!

    • Amazing!
      Thanks a lot man 😀 !

  • Szewczyk, Rafal

    Ran out of battery while explaining to my gf where I was. She said I always dodge her calls when I don’t want to talk. While in the middle of the convo, phone died and she doesn’t believe me until today that it just so happened of died.

    Please keep my relationship going and send me a new battery lol.

    • Lol not ignoring your gf will work wonders for your relationship too 😛
      I’ll keep you in mind 😉

      Sent from my Android.

  • Tiff

    I blame the game Draw Something, it’s a major battery drainer!! I gotta leave wifi on. And I have to wait and watch a video of my friends’ beautiful (in case they read this… since I’ve shared this page) drawing. It chucks off like 5% of my battery per round >.<

    So obviously a good reason to get a new battery~

  • Stukindaguy

    The real question is, what do I do with my phone that wouldn’t need the extended battery…? Whether I’m flashing ROMs, backing up the phone, playing Angry Birds Space, listening to streaming radio or browsing my favorite web site, AiC of course 😉 I always find myself needing to charge at least twice a day.

    This would help greatly.

    PS: I put my email in the post as box. If you need it in the post just reply…i’m on this site every day. 🙂

  • Jordan C

    An extended battery would be great! I’m not sure if there’s a problem with mine… it has a very strange smell when I remove the battery cover and I’ve been meaning to bring it into the store to replace…

  • Anonymous

    Well..Gnex’s battery life sure goes down super  a backup battery would be very handy and practical.  It would be i dont have to stress when I dont have a charger on me.  Had some situations where I would have to keep the conversation short and not use the phone so that  I dont miss calls for work/interviews. Not knowing my phone was already out of juice and found out after with voicemails.  Cheers..thanx

  • Jmail

    Too many micro USB cables.. I have a cable at every location I stay at: My nightstand, my desk at home, my car, my wife’s car, at work, my knapsack, vacation travel. I am always ready to charge if I am close to an outlet.

  • Dundas4ever

    I love taking HD videos of my new nephew, but it sure does eat up the battery quickly!  When my battery runs out, precious moments are missed!  A backup battery is exactly what I need!

  • Septhj

     Having a spare battery for travel would be perfect. Nothing worse than running out of juice halfway through a 6 hour flight…

  • Adam

    I LOVE my GN, but the one single complaint I have is battery life, even with screen brightness turned down.  It makes me sadface SO hard, but I can’t part with my baby.  Please sirs, moar juice?

  • Ben Moyer

    I loved my Nexus S and I love the GNEX even more! There are very few areas where this phone isn’t the pinnacle of modern day technology and that lies with the camera’s light sensor and the automatic brightness feature. I find the automatic brightness is too dim indoors, if it’s outside in direct sunlight it cranks it right up and the jaw-dropping screen comes to life. For this reason, I usually leave the brightness on a preselected level. The problem is, I like it nice and bright and this is a huge battery killer… by far more than anything else. I’m not a power user but I probably spend a couple hours web surfing with some music and a couple videos. I don’t want to ever see the “Connect to Charger” message before going to bed ever again! AndroidInCanada please help!

  • Knightfire

    Pick me, my current battery life is too short, plus I could use a new back cover.

  • Brian Drolet

    i need this battery for when I go on big trips and a charger isn’t always around. I like being connected and being able to share photos I take with friends and family. When my battery starts getting I’m not able to do it and being able to swap in a fresh battery would be great!

  • laxkev
  • Danlif20

    with games like angry birds and temple run, there isnt a second of the day my phone isnt in my hand! i need that extended battery!

  • Anonymous

    I take public transit to work, and take between 2-3 buses (45-50 minutes); during my commute and the time spent waiting for buses, I’m using my Galaxy Nexus nonstop  – Netflix, YouTube, games, the music player, and Reddit are my travel companions. Unfortunately, the big and beautiful Nexus screen and the data usage are power hogs, so I’m constantly manually setting brightness to the bare minimum for inside/outside so I have enough battery for the trip home. It’d be great to not have to be so paranoid about my battery life, and actually enjoy the brilliant screen for a change!

  • David Hehn

    I love my Nexus, but on days when I’m not at my desk, not so much.  Carrying around what’s essentially a very expensive brick come evening is not much fun.

  • Guillaume Isabelle

    Extended battery for that huge screen that sucks its juice like a vampire! Maybe then with that battery we’ll be able to pass the day without always looking at its battery status and trying to keep it alive by keeping it idle. idle!?  no can do! 😉