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Giveaway for Galaxy Note N7000 – Winner Announced!

Winner: liffy – Request for Address sent Via Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will have more contests in the near future.

****Contest Closed**** 

It’s about that time! Tossing another freebie to our AiC readers

What’s up for grabs today?

Brushed Metal Battery Cover for Galaxy Note N7000 International.

Want to add a little extra pizzaz to your Galaxy Note N7000? You’ll have no problem with this Silver brushed metal battery cover on the back up it replacing that dull stock door provided out of the box.

To be eligible to win, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • Must be a resident of Canada.
  • Enter your request for the prize only once, as additional attempts may forfeit your chances.
  • Be sure to include your E-mail so I may contact the chosen winner, (not required to be within your comment).
  • The chosen winners will have 24 hours to respond when I email them for request of mailing address. Failure to respond in time will result in a new winner being selected.

How do I win?: Tell me you want it, then tell me the best reaction you’ve gotten showing off your Note. I want to hear those “OMG, What is That!?!” reactions

A winner will be chosen early next week a random of the list of people who had the best reaction stories.

Good luck everyone!

Retired from AiC, You can now find me at

  • Brandon S

    It’s beautiful dude, but no galaxy note. See you at the next giveaway! Love reading your articles!

    • Thanks a lot man ^_^
      I’ll keep the giveaways rolling

  • Jason Billingham

    I’m anxiously awaiting the HTC Raider giveaways lol 😉

    • Sadly I don’t have any accessories for HTC raider to giveaway 🙁
      But I will have some Zeemotes to give away in the future that can be used on your Raider ^_~

  • Danno Random

    I could definetly use it for mine,even though there’s a defender on it.
    Best reaction…….
    I was photographing the massive ad banners at yonge and dundass square downtown Toronto, a guy walked up and started speaking Spanish, ( pointing at my phone ) , “sorry, I don’t speak Spanish” I said , he replied by saying
    ” ipad ” . I laughed, and said ” hell no, Android.” He got more excited . So I showed him the camera. Lol

  • sumth

    I want it! I get the usual “it’s so big!” but my ultimate favorite is when they recognize it’s something they’ve never seen before and they ask “what phone is that?” that always makes me smile 🙂

    I receive msgs better on google+

  • joeltime

    I want this cover too. Best reaction ever was a guy who looked at me and said “seriuosly?” I said wha? and he asked how I fit it in my pocket.

  • kiwi

    this would be awesome to win. I would love an Android handset!

  • ivy

    Nice, I want one please! I always hear “what phone is that ” or “is that a phone? It’s huge!”

  • Terry

    That Note battery cover looks great. It would go nicely on mine. Mostly I get “That is huge.” But one of my clients said “You have one too…you are the first person I have ever met that has the same phone as I do,” She was excited and I had to show her some of the things that I use on it. Great conversation starter.

  • mastermixer

    I want it!! People tell me “You put that thing to your head??”

  • Petar

    Ooooh, this would fix those nasty scratches on my back cover.

    Best reactions are from females. “Omg! That’s so big/huge/gigantic. You must need both hands to use it!”
    That’s what she said indeed!

  • Alain Lafond

    Yes, yes, one day I’ll win…

  • Min Ho Son

    I want it because I love Samsung and Note

  • I want it SO BAD!! People are like “you can do all that on that”! BEST PHONE EVER!

    • Congrats! you’ve been chosen as the winner, Sending you a Request for Address via Twitter.

  • George M

    I would love to have that battery cover! Most who have seen me with my note, always ask “Is that a phone or a tablet?” And “What is that? I cant believe the screen size!” The best ‘comeback’ I said to someone who said “OMG that phone is way too big! ” Was me squinting at their ‘iphone’ and saying “Nope, yours is way too small!!” Hahaha…

  • Norberto Flores

    I want it please…. I can show it to my wife not telling her that I won it from AiC then she’ll go beserk because I spend money without telling her, record the whole thing and post it on Youtube titled “WIFEZILLA”.

  • Samnote

    I want it too please!!