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Winner Announced! Giveaway for Galaxy Nexus

Congratulations Omar Zuberi!


Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest, but unfortunately there can only be one winner. Come back and keep in touch with us, as there will be more contests to follow in the very near future.

—Contest is now closed—


Reminder: help a little heads up for the people who may have missed this event. If you have a Galaxy Nexus and missed this event, be sure to enter to have your chance at winning this prize. A winner will be chosen on Sunday.

I’m kicking off my return to AiC with a couple giveaways, this marking the first giveaway since my return.

What’s up for grabs today?

Brushed Metal Battery Cover for Galaxy Nexus.

Show off your Galaxy Nexus with a little extra bling with this Silver Brushed metal replacement battery cover. Make your friends jelly with having the only Nexus on the block with a little extra flavour.

To be eligible to win, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • Must be a resident of Canada.
  • Enter your request for the prize only once, as additional attempts may forfeit your chances.
  • Be sure to include your E-mail so I may contact the chosen winner, (not required to be within your comment).
  • The chosen winners will have 24 hours to respond when I email them for request of mailing address. Failure to respond in time will result in a new winner being selected.

How do I win?: It’s very simple really. All you have to do is tell me you would like to win, then tell me the most creative thing you’ve ever done with your nexus for entertainment. Mounted it to a wall, car, strobe light for your bedroom? use your imagination.

A winner will be chosen at random from a list of people who have provided the most interesting use ideas of their Nexus.

Retired from AiC, You can now find me at

  • Shamar Marshall

    I want one pls! Most creative thing. wireless game station with ps3 remote

  • Nice lookin’. Where would one buy this thing?
    My most creative use is probably just how I’m showing off Google Music in Canada with Mobilicity’s unlimited data and my library of 18000ish songs. Really irks the iphone users who just dropped $900 on a 64GB glorified mp3 player that they HAVE TO SYNC WITH A WIRE! Bwahahahaha….

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      Yeah I find that funny too – I do the same thing. Google is innovative, but sadly very bad at marketing. Apple is not innovative, but can steal and is beyond excellent at marketing.

      Case in point: OOOOOO SLIGHTLY BIGGER SCREEN! I have to sell everything I own to buy the slightly better model, or my life will be over, my breath will smell bad, and girls won’t agree to go out with me

      I also like Mobilicity for that reason. $22.50/month unlimited everything (including piece of mind) is worth it to me. Downside: data is still slow. They say they’re upgrading the network, but I don’t REALLY mind it that much as it is.

  • Patrick Beliveau

    Id like one… Most creative? automating my way through life with nfc tags and tasker… Its not really creative, but its what i do mostly with my phone…

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      I still have yet to do this

  • Ryan Nicholson

    I would like a cover please. Most creative thing…. duct taped my galaxy nexus to my truck’s windshield to operate as a dash cam when driving through the woods to a camp site. Thank you.

  • Watch movies

  • dmuhamma

    That’d look great on my Nexus! Most creative thing I’ve done is hook up the Galaxy Nexus to my big-screen TV with a SNES Emulator and playing with a PS3 controller from the couch. Gives me my nostalgia fix and then some! Super Mario Bros – All Stars anyone?

  • Peter

    ii would love to win a cover.
    I’ve filmed through the window the first snowfall of the winter in time lapse.

  • harpoonGill

    I can’t let my Nexus out of my hands, but I’ve used it to play video onto an HDTV with an HDMI/Micro USB adapter.

    Honestly, how can you put the Nexus down long enough to use it otherwise? Best utility phone ever.

  • niker23

    The back cover would be a great replacement for my existing cover. Took my phone to a canoeing trip to document the whole trip. Nphone was wrapped in ziplock bag and tied to the canoe.

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    I would like the back cover. Most creative thing I did, used the cheap mount and some nfc tags to make the phone go into car mode while driving to play music and movies over the Bluetooth in my car. No I didn’t watch the movies just the sound haha.

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

      I used to do that with Fraser, streaming off of YouTube on long drives. It sounds odd, but hey it’s still entertainment 🙂

  • Scott Mahoney

    I would love the cover:) i love brushed metal backs:) and I’ve improvised a car mount out of playdoh and used a bluetooth speaker to replace my broken car stereo 🙂

  • Super_S

    Hmmm… just the other day, I was thinking, how could I make my GNex stand out from the other three people’s in my office, and it looks like we have a winner! (here’s something your Granny Smith can’t do!)

    Most creative thing I have done with my GNex would be a toss up between writing a story through text message to my g/f, or designing and coding her website while on the Skytrain.

  • Peter B

    That cover looks sweet! I’d love to win for sure. Most interesting thing I’ve done is unintentionally make an owner of a new iPhone 5 jealous of my year old Galaxy Nexus in just three minutes. The customization and smoothness of project butter blew them away.

  • Faiz Visram

    MHL + Bluetooth Controller + Emulator = Portable Console! The classics are amazing, none more so than Super Mario Bros!

  • Manny Maris

    I would love to win the back cover. I love the nexus. Most creative thing: I was able to log into my home media library using Wifi and start playing THE Exorcist movie on the TV when my wife was in the kitchen. I was in the car outside and she was home alone. Scared the hell out of her. (she is terrified of that movie) Creative or just a mean prank? By the way, I used XBMC remote.

    • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo


  • dankots

    I’m finding that the plastic back cover is so soft that my fingernails are scratching it when I pull it out of my Car Dock, that thing fits tight!

    My best use for it is, while jogging, I have runkeeper tracking my run with GPS, while I’m also streaming music with Google Music, to my Bluetooth headphones.
    so it has GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth radios going constantly for a couple hours.
    Gotta love the all in once devices!

    And in my Car in the Galaxy Nexus Car Dock, I have it auto start a video recorder, so I can record anything happening in front of me while driving 😀

  • My original back cover doesn’t snap in fully anymore, so I *really* need a replacement.

    Similar to another commenter, I’ve used Unified Remote (and its server on a few coworkers’ PCs) to take over their mouse and keyboard controls and even managed RickRolled one colleague. Always lock your workstations, folks. 😉

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    This would look great on my Nexus

    Hmm most creative thing? I mean there’s the standard AndroidVNC’ing your Transformer tablet and Phone so you can “remote control” the tablet via the phone while it’s connected by MiniHDMI to your TV and playing GTAIII with your Bluetooth controller (through the Bluez IME app) for a uber-NexusQ device (game console, media player, internet blahblahblah) experience… I could take it a step farther and disconnect the tablet from the TV to stream stuff from the tablet (or heck the phone or my laptop) to the TV using DLNA. That means that I could use the phone to remotely control the tablet to access media from my phone to stream to my TV via DLNA. I still found it easier to leave the HDMI cable connected so yeah.

    BUT I think the most creative thing I did (or am working on) is controlling my self-built Mini-ITX Motorcycle-mounted WINDOWS 8 computer (Atom board with no fans, OCZ SSD, M3ATX PicoPSU) through my Transformer by WIFI-tethering both the phone and tab to my phone, then using VNC to effectively create a wireless monitor/input device. This way I can “click in” to my rear view and front view 1080P cameras (with IR LEDs for nightvision) that record everything I see like a gopro, but also gives me a rearview monitor for my giant blindspot (ie most of what is happening behind the bike). Take THAT lack-of-video-inputs-on-Android! Also I play music from my Transformer or phone to my Plantronics BackBeat Go Bluetooth-wireless headphones through Google Music (I’ve uploaded almost all my music collection to Google’s servers, so it streams through the cloud to my phone, then goes through A2DP Bluetooth to my headphones – and formerly my car stereo before I sold my car)

    Next step: find a way to allow two-way bluetooth headset communication with the phone acting as a bridge, so I can have rider-to-passenger communication on the bike. My guess is I’ll have to learn about how Bluetooth A2DP works, and see if I can “trick” it into thinking that two identical Bluetooth headsets (Plantronics BackBeat Go) are the same device. Down-side: I’d also hear what I’m saying in my own bluetooth headset unless I can get the phone to recognize input and have it switch the headsets to MIC-only or Speaker-only, based on who’s talking. Hmm it’s gonna take a while…


  • James Schaack

    i would love to have that cover. i’ve used my nexus to remote control my HTPC to play music and moves.

  • Dion Lauriente

    I’d love the cover for my phone (so long as it doesn’t interfere with NFC). How do I use my Nexus for Entertainment? Well I use the Plex app to enable my phone as a remote for my home theatre PC. All my media is controlled via my phone.

  • Daniel Evans

    I want to win! I once sealed my phone into a zip lock with glue and used it to take some underwater snaps! Didn’t turn out too well but at least my phone didn’t drown.

  • Robin

    Cool Cover!!! I once mounted my Gnexus to a baby stroller to watch cartoons with my kid!!

  • ct

    I used a strobe light on my Galaxy Nexus to scare away raccoons and what may have been a bear when we were camping up north.

  • Oooooo, blingy!! I once made a stop-motion film with friends using my Galaxy Nexus. Took us almost 3 (inebriated) hours to make a 2-minute film.

  • Omar Zuberi

    I’d like one (please)! I built my own adjustable desk dock out of wood and nuts/bolts from Rona (works with the case on). Then I added pogo pins & programmed an ATTiny85V-10PU 8pin Dip IC to activate the GNex’s Car/Desk dock, SPDIF audio out, & AC/USB charge modes. Posted all the info on XDA for other people to use as well 🙂 Now when the phone is in the dock it’s like a touch-screen computer I use to surf the web, watch Youtube, or play downloaded movies.

  • I’d love to have the backcover (if it hasn’t been won yet)

    I went camping this past summer and forgot to pack flashlight / lantern or anything to light anything at night. We wanted to stay up and play cards so I plugged the Gnex to a portable charger, and placed the phone in such a way so that it was used as a lamp. Oh, to make things a bit more interesting, we had it strobing… imagine getting pissed and playing cards in strobe light. I think I almost got motion-sickness lol

  • Sivan Rehan

    I would love to win this.
    I did all kind of creative things with my Gnex.. I can’t share all.. But I used my Gnex as a Commodore 64 emulator!

    • ryanmmoore

      why can’t you share all?

  • Matthew Lee

    I would like the back cover. The most creative thing I’ve done with my nexus has probably been covering my phone in a clear plastic bag to waterproof it from Vancouver’s famous rainshowers ):