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Gift Wizard Lite – a free gift giving suggestion builder

SockMonkeySolutions (just love that app developer name) has just anounced a lite version of Gift Wizard, their gift tracking software is now available… just in time for Mother’s Day.  (is it Mothers’ or Mother’s Day?)

Is that telling of the typical Android user?  That we need at any time of the year to be reminded of buying something for our mothers?  Not fathers day?  (who would probably prefer gadget stuff… but that would be too easy to remember)?  What about Valentine’s Day?

Whatever the insinuation (and remember, I kid…), there’s  a free version for you to try out.

I thought the layout would be pretty simple, keep track with a database of people you should buy things for, and and ideas and it will remind you.  Which, hey there’s lots of similar options out there already, so who needs another.  I’ve already talked about how I failed at Evernote.  Tracking can get pretty tedious.  But it’s actually not… it’s much simpler (apparently my idea of databases is pretty cumbersome to maintain, especially when you’re a type A like myself).

Instead they allow you to make up a ‘profile’ for each person.  You enter some basic’ish information… more ‘whimsy’ then factual it seems, and it generates a rough list of types of items you should get.  Now it doesn’t actually tell you WHAT to get, but a gift idea…

Here’s a video

I put in my wife’s info and made up a quick list… [sorry hon, if you read this, I’ll try to surprise you for Mothers’ Day]

Not bad… so the idea is to give you some starting point on what to buy.  Better than my current system of hopefully remembering to add it to the Google Doc I started, or uploading a snapped pic to that Doc folder… then having to scroll back through the photos hoping it jogs my memory.  This gives a pretty good start.

And, hey… it’s free.

So, go grab your copy:

Play Link:

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