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Getting ready for YOUR Galaxy S3, watch these videos

So, a highly anticipated device… was supposed to be out tomorrow, but has had to be pushed back.

Can’t wait?  Well, maybe these training videos will help appease the your desire for the device.  Plus, it’ll help you get acquainted with some of the features in it!

How to use S-Voice

How to use TecTiles

How to use Smart Gestures

There, now you’re ready to use your device… you just have to wait 7 more days.  🙁

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  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    You forgot “How to log into your dropbox account from a GS3 in a rogers store to get 50GB even if you don’t buy the GS3”

    • OmarIqbal

      lol no way! thats a fail from rogers.

  • I just got my unlocked Galaxy S3 – she’s a beaut! Light and thin profile. Speedy and responsive. Display is gorgeous! Going to head out and take some sample photos and video to see how the camera fares. Not sure why some think the design is ugly – looks nice to me!