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Get up to 25GB on Dropbox (illegitimately?!?) [update]

[update:  thanks to the tipster in the comments, looks like DropBox has located this ‘workaround’ and is revoking the bonus to those that use this method… good thing I suggested against it eh?]


If you’ve followed my articles thus far, you’ll know that I LOVE cloud storage.  Even more, I love free storage at that.

A while back there was this trick you could use to get you 50GB on… but then they offered 50GB to ALL Android devices, so it was a moot point.

With the upcoming release of the One X, Dropbox is offering a free promotion for those users to get up to 25GB for free… that’s an extra 23GB on top of the basic plan (it’s not saying whether any bonus storage you get from referrals is on top of the 25 or not… but… hey, 25 is still A LOT).  Caveat being that you only get this space for 2 years, then you go back to just the 2GB (hoping you enjoyed it so much that you stay at that level and pay for it).

Well, what if you don’t have an HTC device?  Too bad.

… unlesss …

There’s this app you can download … you gotta jump through some hoops, adjust some settings, etc… and then you get to have the same bonus as the HTC One folk.

A couple things concern me about it, and why I’m not running to grab this freebie… first, there’s the semi-ethical dilemma of taking a free promotion that shouldn’t belong to you (akin to the free samples that are only 1 per customer and you go back for 2nds)… and the fact that technically it looks like a 3rd party may, or may not, get your login information.

Back when the Box trick was around they STRONGLY recommended you change your password, do the trick, then wait a while before changing it back.  The post on XDA recommends being patient in waiting for the results to happen… your thoughts?

Anybody else try this?  Let me know!

Source:  TalkAndroid

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry man, you’re really behind the game on this one.

    The 25GB for 2 years promo was announced along with Sense 4.0 and the HTC “One” line as a feature back in early March at MWC.   

    I’ve had 30GB for a while now (along with a Sense 4.0 ROM from XDA) on my HTC Sensation

    Still, this is useful for those without Sense 4.0.  I doubt that this little hack will be around forever and that it does go against the terms of use / EULA for dropbox.  If they find out you could be a bit screwed.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, i didn’t want to just ‘jump on the wagon’ and post this as I’ve been leery of it since I first saw it…

      • Anonymous

        FYI: DropBox has discovered this workaround and users are reporting that their 23GB has been revoked.  It was an obvious and substantiated move for DropBox.  

  • Poopsmith

    poopsmith frowns on your scheming ways

    • Anonymous

      you’ll note that’s why I wrote that I wouldn’t use it… for both ethical AND privacy concerns… but there are some that may want to know

      and for those who weren’t as informed, i’m letting them know the potential perils

  • Anonymous

    I already have 25GB on my drop box. Will this add ontop or is 25GB the max?