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Get Dre Beats Audio for Your Android

Beats Audio is something that has been a real hit N’ miss around the XDA forums. Some users claim they make a world of difference during their music playback, where others think it’s utter hogwash.

No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s still an option you can play with for yourself.

I’ve personally tried this mod myself before and yes I actually own Monster Beats headphones. It does seem to make a difference, but enough of a difference to be worth it is undetermined. I feel you could possibly get the same results from the equalizer built in to many music players on the Android.

If you feel you want to give this a try, why not come back and let us know your results and what you think.

Root is required, Backing up your device before flashing is Highly Recommended.

You can find more information as well as the download files with the link found below.

Beats Audio Mod via Rockodev and XDA

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  • ryanmmoore

    you don’t know which I’d use for a GNexus eh?  Couldn’t quite tell from the XDA posting.

    • Yeah it’s a tricky one. I would just flash the newest version and if all fails I’d revert back using my backup.

      That’s just me though.

  • AmazonAnnie

    This is funny.  After winning the “Boost” I started to research music players but never really came up with a definite winner.  I was going to ask your opinion on the options.  I haven’t rooted my Nexus S yet (I’ll wait for it to be abandoned).  I’m using “Google Music” but wondering if there are other options that are better.
    Thanks again,