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Galaxy S III’s S-Voice Working on Galaxy Note, Maybe Others Too? [Download]

A while ago I heard some buzz that the S-Voice featured on the Galaxy S III had leaked out. The APK popped up on the XDA forums not to long ago and I finally got around to installing and trying it out.

It comes across has a lesser forum of Siri which is found on the iPhone, but still fun to play with nonetheless. This isn’t one of those Siri knock offs you find left littered around the Google Play Store, this is the real deal right from Samsung.

I personally can confirm that it works on the Galaxy Note running Cyanogenmod 9 (OS 4.0.4). so far it seems to be hit and miss with some of the users on the furms, but because it’s just an installable APK file, there is no risk of damaging your phone. If it doesn’t work, simply uninstall it and move on.

If you want to give it a try, I’ve posted a link below.

Download S-Voice via XDA

Confirmed working on my Galaxy Note running 4.0.4. If you try this out, why not share your results in the comments below.

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  • Vaaidyakhanna

    was able to install on nexus s ics 4.0.4 and its working, but not returning any answer to the voice commands except “Network Error Please try again” hope the network will start returning the answers soon. 

    • Mine was working last night. Then I got network errors today too.

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      • ryanmmoore

        they’re currently blocking that version of the apk… 
        there’s another ‘signed’ build (i’ll post tomorrow) available… or check the AiC downloads page

        or you can edit your build[dot]prop file to read as the i9300

        • I look forward to it Ryan.

          Sent from my Android.