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Galaxy Note Case, Holster & Stand Combo Review

Alright guys, this is just a really quick review here for an awesome case I bought on eBay for about $12. I’m so impressed with it, I just wanted to share it with the rest of my Galaxy Note users.

The case combo features a hard black plastic case that covers the back of your Galaxy Note, it also has a very small ridge around the front edge of the case to help prevent your screen from directly touching the ground. This hard cover case slides in to the holster from the top down.

You’re able to insert your phone into the holster either way. Back facing out for complete protection while on your belt, or with the screen facing out for viewing media.

The holster features a belt clip that swivels in all directions, it also has a lock mechanism that holds your clip out as a kick stand.

This particular case is advertised for the N7000 and I9220 model of the Galaxy Note, but it also fits my friends i717 model without issues.

  eBay link can be found here.

There may be cheaper deals to be had, but this is where I bought mine.

Note: I have a couple extra of these cases laying around. I’ll be holding a giveaway event for them in the near future, so keep an eye out for that should you want to grab one of these guys for free.

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  • Alan Graham

    Thanks Tom.  I had a look at the eBay link and Youtube video…. it looks like the clip has a pin/spring design similar to the belt clip holsters that came with Blackberry…. a piece of plastic holding the pin in place would break at some point, rendering the holster useless.   Do you think the Note case is susceptible to this failure?

    • I’ve used it a bunch of times, and it feels pretty solid and the plastic is fairly thick. I haven’t seen any issues myself, but I’m sure wear and tear could happen to even the best of cases. At this point everything seems to be awesome. For the price they sell these units for, why not just order two? lol I know it’s a funny, but always great to have a backup.
      To answer your question directly. I think the plastic clip can break, but I would say that for any case. This one looks fairly strong though.

  • Calmcanoe

    Thanks for the info on the case. I like it but think it may take a while for it to get here (Canada). Do you have any idea of the shipping time?

    • Two weeks for me.
      Not bad for the price though.

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