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Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Note 7 Will Only Come In A Curved 5.8-inch Display Version


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note lineup is expected to receive an update later this year and all the new reports and rumours have started to pick up significantly these past few weeks.

According to a Dutch tech site, they have received word from an insider regarding the Galaxy Note 7 and the absence of the regular non-curved variant. It looks like Samsung has decided the Galaxy Note 7 will only come with a curved display model. While specs are still quite in their early stage, the phone will come with a slightly larger 5.8-inch curved Super AMOLED QHD display, Exynos SoC with 6GB of RAM with the battery capacity increasing to about 4,000 mAh. The camera will feature the 12MP sensor with improved camera software, IP68 water/dust resistant rating, an iris scanner and a USB Type-C port.

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