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New Galaxy Note 7 Shows Iris Scanner In Action


The Galaxy Note 7 leaks just keep on coming and this time it is about the phone’s new Iris scanner feature.


According to a post on Chinese site Weibo, the Galaxy Note 7 name has just been reconfirmed, thanks to a picture of the phone’s bootloader. Not only that, we finally get to see a glimpse of the iris scanner in action. Although this may very well change significantly at the time of release, so far the procedure to authenticate yourself is to first have your eyes be around 25-35 cm away from the phone, and have them aligned correctly as shown by the guidelines whenever the feature is in action on the lock screen.


Overall this seems a bit tedious (and maybe even gimmicky) compared to mainstream fingerprint sensors, but for those that would like an extra sense of security on their phones, this seems to be a good solution.


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