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Galaxy Note 6 To Be Renamed Galaxy Note 7 In Order To Align With Galaxy S Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Silver

Samsung is expected to release the successor to the Galaxy Note 5 this year however a report from Korea suggests the company has decided to modify its annual naming scheme.

The Galaxy Note 7, now replacing the Galaxy Note 6 name, is set to launch sometime in August. The reason for this is because of the company’s Galaxy S series which began a year before the introduction of the Note lineup.

As a result, the current generation Galaxy Note always had a number less than the current Galaxy S phone and this led some to believe the Note was outdated despite launching in the same year (example: Galaxy S6 and Note 5).

Now that the issue is resolved, we can now discuss specs. For the first time, the Galaxy Note 7 will sport curved edges on the front and back.

[Korea IT News]

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    Give it removeable batteries and an SD card