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Galaxy Nexus Has 99 Problems, But A Glitch Ain’t One

Since the official launch of the Galaxy Nexus on all our big carriers, I have seen quite a few posts popping up recently. A lot of ‘I love the Galaxy Nexus’ posts, but also a bunch of unsatisfied users. It seems the Galaxy Nexus has a number of issues that need to be worked out. Granted not every user has experienced these issues, but the signs are present that these issues exist.

As I’ve mentioned many times. The Galaxy Nexus suffers from a weak back speaker. To ‘fix’ this issue, users have been recommending an app called “Volume+” to boost the sound volume. On top of that, a few custom roms are including volume tweaking options.

The colors on the Galaxy Nexus are a little off too. If you have another phone, you can load up the google page and compare the white backgrounds to each other. For some reason the Galaxy Nexus has an off white tint and the colors just don’t seem to pop like on many other phones.  There are a couple custom roms and kernels that are addressing this issue, or allowing users to tweak their own colors.

Random reboots and signal drops are being reported on many websites and forums. I too have suffered from them. I personally have had these fixed when I flashed the official 4.0.2 recovery image, but others say they still encounter them, just less frequently.

This one is unconfirmed, but I heard some of the Canadian carrier released models such as Telus and Rogers might have to rely on Samsung for their updates and not Google itself. Once again, that is only based on what I’ve read around, but it’s defiantly something to watch out for.

Poor battery life is also being reported from many users around the forums.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an ‘I hate Galaxy Nexus speech’. It’s just to point out some of the issues that new users may encounter when choosing this phone. I’ve been asked numerous times on Google+ if the Galaxy Nexus is worth the 3 year contract, for these reasons I decided to post this up others that may be looking to see if there are existing problems. Sadly enough, I know quite a few people who are returning their Galaxy Nexus’ due to the fact it didn’t meet their expectations. We all know returning a phone to our big carriers is not always the easiest thing, they always lay down a lot of red tape you have to dance around.

Bottom line. The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, but be aware of some of the existing issues that you might encounter like a bunch of others.

I know a lot of our readers may disagree with what I wrote here, feel free to rant and rave in the comments below. lol

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  • Steve Rodrigue

    There is a load of Android phones out there without good support. At least, with the Galaxy Nexus you can be sure Google/Samsung will work hard to fix it and for a while.

    Even, with these bugs, the Nexus devices are my top recommendations to anyone who wants to buy an Android-based phone. I prefer to deal with small bugs that will be fixed than getting a device without a clear upgrade path.

  • Jason

    Mine is having problems with syncing my Google contacts and gmail.

    It says it’s a temporary problem but it’s said that for a few days.

    Also it loaded all my Xoom apps not the apps I had on my Nexus One. I havent checked the Android Market on the web yet to see what it says in my account there.

    • Mine had that before too. Try removing the account, than restarting your phone and re-add the account. 

      The worked for me

      • Marc Labrosse

        I’m happy with my SII LTE, it was either get that or wait for the Galaxy Nexus (new to Android, just dumped my iPhone4).  Having LTE, expandable memory and a faster processor was the deciding factor.  Having a higher resolution screen and ICS early was not worth it compared to the benefits of the SII LTE.

        My father had the GN for about a week, went from and iPhone 3GS, and he went right back.  He did not like it at all, he experienced several of the reported issues too.  He tried returning it but talked over 30 minutes so no go… no problem we will sell it on Kijiji for a good profit ;).

        You have to expect poor battery life with these devices though, I mean they have huge high res. screens and are pulling 4GLTE data non stop… carry a USB cable with you at all times!  We will see third party upgrade batteries soon I am sure, or from Samsung itself.

        If you are still deciding on whether or not getting a GN or a new device I say wait another 3-6 months.  Reading about these quad-core phones coming soon makes me sad, but there will always be something new and better coming…

        • I too have the GS2 LTE from Rogers.
          That was the phone that kept pulling me away from the Nexus.

          I’m sorry to hear your father was unable to return his Nexus 🙁 I sure hope it grows on him.
          Nothing sucks more than being stuck with something you don’t like.

  • Great post. I am one of the ones who returned their GN. Battery life was my number one problem, dying within 12 hours under almost exclusively standby. My Nexus S is sitting beside me here, crossing the 48 hour mark since it’s last charge, and still showing 45% remaining. Granted, it’s idling away in my desk drawer at work all day and on my nightstand all night, but I’ve sent several emails & texts, and played some games to kill a couple lunch hours at work. This is what I need from my phone, and the GN couldn’t do a quarter of that. Add to that the GN’s inability to get a signal in my home (Nexus S has full bars) and that was it.

    I also agree with the screen issues. Next to the NS, it seemed dull and cool, almost with a bluish tint next to the NS. Just wasn’t the phone I so desperately wanted to be. While performance was another issue, the battery was still the killer. Signal, screen and performance were just nails in the coffin.

    • Mathieu

      48 hour of battery life on a smartphone?Is the phone connected to a 3G network with data enabled, GPS enabled, sync enabled?

      My Galaxy Nexus last for days when I was travelling because I disabled 3G, data, WiFi, GPS, sync… but it’s not really a smartphone anymore when everything is disabled.

      • I ran the GN the same way I run my NS, Wifi always on, 3G always on, GPS off (since I rarely use it). Like I said, I’m not on my phone constantly. It’s on standby in my desk at work for an 8-hour day. It’s on my nightstand for 9-10 hours at night. In between there I’ll fire off a few texts, a few emails, maybe play a few games. It’s only graphically intense games (or, for some reason, Grand Prix Story) which drain the battery really hard. I’m far from a 24-7 power user. Consequently, plugging in my phone nightly isn’t a habit for me.

        Therefore, on Saturday when I unplugged my GN at 6pm to go out, only to wake up at 7am Sunday morning having only made one phone call for a taxi (< 1min) and 3-4 text messages, and have a dead phone? Not acceptable.

        • I have the same problem.  I found that disabling the “Network Location Service” doubled my “normal use” battery life to 24 hours.  (check for it in settings -> apps – > running -> google services).   Still not great, but much more usable.  

          I read somewhere that a bug in this service keeps the processor from going into low-power mode.  If so, I hope they fix the bug soon.  In the meantime, I don’t notice the loss since its is only used for ad-supported apps and google search to target your area (GPS still works independently).

  • Anonymous

    i have had none of these problems. 
    1. my speaker sounds just fine. 
    2. i would rather have a blueish-white colour than be blinded by white while in bed or another dark area. 
    3. never had a random reboot, although i know someone who does have this issue. maybe it has to do with me flashing yakju rom from google. that said
    4. i have a Bell galaxy nexus, when i downloaded the GN Official Update Checker app and ran it it told me that samsung was updated by samsung (or NOT UPDATED by google) after flashing the yakju rom that has changed to google.
    5. i charge my phone every night and it lasts all day.
    6. the signal lost thing i can’t really comment on because where i work i am surrounded by steal girders all day and most of the time i don’t have any signal (this effected all the phones i have had in the past as well) but where i can get a good signal i haven’t noticed any drops. 

    i am on 4.0.2 btw

  • Mathieu

    Honestly I love my Galaxy Nexus and wouldn’t change it for any other phone on the planet.

    Yes, there are still a few bugs but it’s an amazing product.

    I found the battery life quite good for a smartphone (and the battery is replaceable).

    Just the fact that I can unlock the boot-loader easily and load whatever ROM I want is a sufficient reason to keep it.

    • Jule

      Its not.  My brother is letting me test drive his Telus GN, and I’m with Rogers and it works perfectly fine

      • Jule

        whoops meant to post this above

  • Matt

    A few weeks after getting my S II, I was disappointed. The music app force closes, battery lasted about 8-10 hours (mostly in standby), and the GPS rarely ever gets a lock (sent it in for warranty, came back the same). I rooted and flashed CM7 and now I have to live with the CM7 bugs but it’s still far more usable than the stock Samsung crapware.

    I looked into to “upgrading” to the GN because it’s a Nexus phone and expect better support for it but if Samsung is the one pushing the upgrades then I have to expect the same support I got with my S2 (ie, none). On top of that, Telus says the GN is SIM locked, even though it’s a Nexus phone.

    • Jule

      Its not.  My brother is letting me test drive his Telus GN, and I’m with Rogers and it works perfectly fine

  • Jule

    I’m testing out my brothers galaxy nexus from Telus b4 i get mine from Rogers.  The battery life sucks on this phone (its my first android phone – switched from apple>bb).  I haven’t experienced any of the reboots BUT I’ve had ppl call me and say it went to voicemail (not sure if its network or phone related).  This article is good for ppl who want to know about the galaxy nexus.  I’m still aiming to get one, but the doubts still linger.  I’m still on 4.0.1 with no update ready (must be on the yakjuux version – which sucks that I have to wait for samsung).  This should never have been the case, since one of the reasons I went with the Nexus line was to get updates straight from google.  Once I read here on how to change over to yakju, i’ll be able to rest easier.

  • Tylerevertz

    In terms of battery life, I am quite satisfied.  Mind you, the battery life isn’t great, but it whoops the HTC EVO 3D I just had and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i I had prior to that.  I guess I’ve just become used to phones that don’t last a full day.  My GNEX will get me through a full day no problem.

  • CaptainRay

    I’ve had my phone not quite a year and last summer between March 22 and Oct. I had it sent away for signal issues, Glitches and battery problem. After the third time they replaced it with a new phone and different version of software! Its been fine since Sept. when I got it back. I just sent it again with a glitch in the screen, a heat issue with charging and signal loss and recovery of signal!!! I like the phone for some of its actions and stuff but its frustrating when your phone is not as good as the guy sitting next to you with a phone on the same network!! I hope they can fix it or give me a chance to upgrade due to the amount of problems this phone has had!! The speaker is weak!! I should have gone with the ever so popular IPhone!! Haven’t heard of too many problems with them and their systems!!