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Galaxy Nexus available from for $419.99

So when they announced Google Drive, it happened at the same time that they also announced the play store will be carrying a GSM Galaxy Nexus for $400.

I know I said WTH…  I bought mine outright at $600, and I know a few others that paid the $750 amount.

There was some crying going on (probably by me).  But some explanations came up that it would be against some existing contracts with the carriers in Canada that they couldn’t sell that specific model in Canada, whereas it hadn’t been sold in the US, so no contracts to break.

Boo-urns… opened a lot of geoblocking memories: Music, Currents, Offers, Wallet, Voice…

But I acquiesced and moved on.

Until steps in and does the right thing:

That’s right, there’s an unlocked Galaxy Nexus i9250, that you can just purchase and use on your system.  For hundreds less than if you bought it from a carrier.

How Expansys is doing it?  Who cares.  They’re doing it.  And if you haven’t bought a Nexus yet, and need some pushing over the edge, you can watch my review of it again.  Or Tom’s.

Definitely worth it!


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