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Future Shop Announces Pre-Orders for Nexus S

Yesterday Future Shop, the largest retailer for consumer electronics in Canada, announced that starting next week they will be accepting pre-orders for the Nexus S. No price has been released yet for the phone which will be available in early April. It will be available for Bell, Fido, Rogers, Koodo and Telus.

The announcement of this phone is good news for all Canadians because it is a front-runner in Android phones. The 4 inch “pure Google” phone with NFC capabilities is one of the best phones on the market already in the United States, and will be in Canada too. If it indeed will be for all carriers, it can be expected that it will be a majority of new Android handsets bought.

With no price yet announced though and having to wait until April, who’s thinking about pre-ordering one?

[via Future Shop]

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  • Jon V

    My wife wants one but I’ll wait for the non-contract pricing first.

    • WhiteHotLoveTiger

      Exactly. I mean, we could probably guess the price correctly to within $50-$75, but why agree to buy when you don’t even know what the price will be?

      • Jon V

        I just went over to Future Shop and they had no mention of it. I did check around each carrier table but saw nothing except a Dell Streak that I’ve never seen before. Man, that’s huge! It’s very light but could be just a dummy unit. At least 4.3″ screens are not that big to use every day as a phone.

        • Cptcarnage

          Ditto, have to get off contract as my company foots the bill and doesnt want to be locked into anything. Still it will be interesting jumping to an android handset from a Blackberry

  • Waiting for the no-contract price.

  • Thanks Dan. SOLD. Like everyone else – waiting for no contract price.

  • Anonymous

    I already have one. Thanks though.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Minister, If you have that phone, could you please write a few words about this phone, it’s functions, which network is on and cons and pros of it from the point of your view?

  • KnightFire

    Article says Pre-Orders to begin March 21st, but that pricing would not be available until April.

  • Nebeso

    Nexus S 2 right?

  • Nebeso

    Nexus S 2 right?

  • Future Shop’s employee newsletter for Saturday, March 19th says:
    “Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not end up carrying the Nexus S on Bell; it will only be available in the West for TELUS.”

  • Sam

    I work at a Future Shop in the Ottawa area. In the Saturday, March 19 newsletter I came across this piece of somewhat disappointing news.

    UPDATE: Nexus S Pre-Order
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not end up carrying the nexus S on Bell; it will only be available in the West for TELUS.

  • Riz Remon

    March 23rd and Futureshop still has no information on the Nexus S.
    Nothing, I even called.