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Funny Friday #30 – People of Walmart

Welcome to Funny Firday #30. the once a week event created to remind people to take a small minute out of your busy schedule and just sit back and laugh.

This weeks video is one that was linked to me a while back that I decided to reach back and grab. I knew there were some freaky people at walmart sometimes, but damn… this is going to the extreme.

I hope you got a laugh out of it, I sure did.

As always Android in Canada thanks Google, YouTube, and their massive amounts of users for an endless supply of videos.

Oh… and FYI, I will have some gifts for the Galaxy Nexus real soon, so keep an eye out for those

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  • Dobrin G

    I used to work at Walmart…..i was trying to forget about the quality of the customer base. Why did you have to remind me!!??!?!

    • Because it makes me smile 😛  lol