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Funny Friday #25 Samsung Commercials

Welcome to the 25th edition of Funny Friday. The once a week event created to remind people to smile in these often dark times.

There has been a couple funny Samsung Galaxy S II commercials popping up recently, poking at iPhone users waiting in those massive lineups to score an iPhone on launch day. Surely most of you have seen them already, but for those of you who have net, enjoy ^_^

Here is a couple extra small clips I dug up.

I find these commercials very funny, as I myself waited in a 9 hour lineup to get an iPhone 4 last year june. We were heckling the Blackberry users taking pictures of the long line. Now as an Android user, I’m on the outside watching people standing in line, and asking myself why did I ever do that? lol

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  • Hartley (Buck) Macklin

    Well, you are creative…. That is probably why you did it.