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First Koodo Android phone officially released, the LG Optimus One

Koodo users can now rejoice. Android has hit the budget Telus owned carrier. The LG Optimus One is the first we’re seeing. This is no surprise to anyone who has followed prior news.

As for pricing, we’re looking at $225 outright with no contract or $75 on the Koodo Tab. Sounds about right for a mid-range Android handset. Let’s hope for even more Android in the near future for Koodo.

[via MobileSyrup]


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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if this phone will work WITHOUT problems on Rogers? I would like to have it as a spare one when my beloved Samsung Captivate acts like stupid-crazy and I have emotions to put it in the garbage. Just moving SIM card from one to the other would calm my frustration I guess. Price is good. Any advice?

    • LG Advice

      Maybe, if it is unlocked for a $50 fee. It would probably be better to buy the TELUS no-contract Optimus One, which would cost $200 instead of $225.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Andrzewi

        I will go tomorrow to Telus to get the better vervion

        • Abdel

          You’ll get a 100$ gift card if you buy Koodo Optimus One from FutureShop

    • LG Advice

      From TELUS: $200 + $50 unlocking fee = $250
      From Koodo: $225 + $50 unlocking fee = $275

      Just add tax. 🙂

      • Andrzewi

        Thank you for advice

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