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A Month After, the Essential Phone Sold Only 5,000 Units (Through Sprint)

It’s been almost on month since the Essential Phone finally went on sale, following a delayed launch. So, you might be wondering – how many units has Andy Rubin’s startup manage to ship out to customers?

Well according to the estimates provided by the analysts of BayStreet Research, the number revolves around 5,000 units. But bear in mind that according to Fierce Wireless, this figure reflects only covers Sprint sales.

If you’ve been following the news you probably know that Sprint is the exclusive carrier for the Essential phone. The company also sells the unlocked version through its own website, as well as Best Buy, but these numbers weren’t taken into consideration by the people at BayStreet Research.

Nor were the orders placed by Canadian customers who ordered the phone from Telus. Apart from Canada and the US, the Essential Phone is not available in any other market, which is a pretty limiting strategy. Not to mention that the device comes with a pretty hefty price comparable what Samsung asks for a Galaxy S8. So there’s not a big surprise that sales numbers aren’t really that huge.

In the meanwhile, Essential is busy planning a European launch for the smartphone, but will that really help with sales? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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