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Do the internals of the Nexus 4 make you re-think?

Isn’t the internet funny?

First there was the complaints of no LTE.  I can get behind that, but then I can also get behind the reasoning… somewhat.

Then there’s the ‘no removable battery’ idea.  I can sort of understand, but to be honest, in however long I’ve used my phones, I’ve only ever noticed this feature when I needed to do a battery pull… and even then it probably wasn’t necessary.

Well, one user went so far as to show that even though the battery isn’t ‘user replaceable’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible.


Interesting.  So it’s not impossible.

Fast forward a day or two and there’s an update.  Apparently there’s some springs connected to the battery that are connected also the atennae of the device.  So it makes it ultra tricky to do.

Oh well… like I said, not a big deal for me, but not a deal breaker for sure.

Then, looking at that internals, for some it’s like “tech-porn” they can delve in and see what it’s really made of.  I have been long out of the hardware end of things, so most of it is lost on me, but it’s something I can appreciate.

Those in the seeming know have taken a hard glance at the device and come up with some ‘ugly’ news.  Saying that some of the pieces in there show bad design.

Here’s what someone had to say on XDA:

Design Pluses

Large external speaker

Good speaker placement

Design Minuses

Bolted in battery

Spring Antenna Connections

Lack of impact zones

Tape used instead of structure and shielding

That might answer how it’s so ‘cheap’.  When you look at it vs. the new Optimus G, there’s barely any difference (except the camera – expect a review soon), and you wonder at the cost.  Obviously it must be a cheaper parts scenario.  But, then why is it expected to be about the same cost when you buy it from a carrier?  (which is funny, as the Spanish retailer in question, just now actually pulled the listing — thanks AndroidCentral)

Anyhow, my point is that, upon hearing some of the reviews… how does it sway you?

There’ve been lots of reviews being positive… some negative… some outright hilariously biased.  But how does it shape your overall purchasing decision?

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  • The lack of storage was the deal breaker for me.

    • lack of external/extra storage, or just a limited to 16gb (I was hoping for 32GB)?

      • Either 32GB or external storage would have been nice. I just need more than 16GB, I don’t really care how.

        I’ll be getting the LG Optimus G or the HTC One X+ instead. Still not sure which one.

        • I’m hoping to get a “G” for review today from my contacts at LG, so hopefully I’ll have something to compare apples to apples (pun not intended) with the N4.

          • That would be great. Can I ask you what would be your pick between the Optimus G and the One X+?

            I’m with Bell, so I could get the Optimus G faster, while I would have to wait until my contract is over (40 days left) to get the One X+ with Telus.

    • DThor

      I’m the same. Great phone otherwise, but I do need my 32G sdcard storage since I use my phone as my mp3 player. I’ve noticed lately this is becoming a theme – the omission of sdcard expansion. It’s pretty obvious smartphone manufacturers are pushing the cloud in this way, but for me the extra wireless cost and no-fly when in a non coverage AREA like the subway makes it an issue. Apart from the one day charging(which has never really bothered me so far) I’ll have to ‘stick with’ my RAZR.
      The lack of LTE, I don’t care about. I think it’s a good chunk more money for a dubiously useful service.

      • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

        Use Google Music and stream your music. It lets you upload up to 20,000 songs! FREEEEEEE

        • DThor

          Did you actually read what I said?

          • to his defense, you can ‘cache’ scores of music on your phone too.

  • sumth

    Where else can you gonna get today’s phone for $350???

    • Steve Rodrigue

      The big question is: we will probably never open this phone… or maybe once to change the battery. Does it really matters?

      • exactly my point.

        • Steve Rodrigue

          Seriously, if the battery would have been glued, I would have been pissed off. And the only real design problem IMO is the back glass. I use to have cases on my phones, and my Nexus 4 will have one for sure. I want to minimize the risk and protect my investment.