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Dell Streak Now Sold For $549, Locked To Rogers

Dell has started selling the Streak in Canada for 549 of your hard earned Canadian dollars. Bad news though, it’s locked to Rogers. We’ve had discussions again and again of why no-contract phones shouldn’t be sold with carrier locks so I’ll stay away from ranting.

It also ships with Android 1.6. That’s right, Android 1.6. When 2.3 is about to be rolled out. Apparently 2.1 is on the roadmap for the future somewhere though. But once again, I’ll leave the ranting to you guys.

Then there’s the issue about the size of the device. The more I see it being advertised, the more awkward it starts to look to me. 5-inches just seems a bit too awkward for a smartphone and too small for a tablet. Dell calls it “the perfectly sized, go-anywhere device.” I think perfectly sized is exactly what this device isn’t. Though it is the one tablet that might fit in my front jean pocket…

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  • lebleu29

    They’re working on Froyo as opposed to Eclair. To me, have to see it in person to critique the size. Five inches actually sounds good to me.

    • Me

      That’s what she said..

  • Jason

    If Rogers gives this some Froyo before the end of the year this will be next phone (currently stuck with a crappy HTC Magic). I really liked the Dell custom UI I saw yesterday and I love the 5″ screen (I have really big hands so this phone would normal sized to me).

    Does any one know if this is even 2.3 ready? If so knowing Rogers they will do a Froyo update “some time in the new year” then months after 2.3 is out, they will abandon this devise saying 2.2 is good enough.

    • Mo

      hi jason,
      did you’re HTC magic became slow when you did the 2.1 update. I have an HTC magic that I updated (my backup phone when I go fishing, gym, hunting or any other activities where there is a possibility of my nexus to get damaged) and when I did the 2.1 update it became annoyingly slower than when it was on the 1.6, which makes me hate the phone. Now i’m thinking of selling it and getting another backup phone. did you face the same issue when you updated you Magic??

      • Jason

        I did to some extent. I’m not a real “power user” so I can’t say for sure. But I do know the phone specs all well behind the cure for newer phones running 2.1 + so that would have something to do with it. I have friends with a Nexus one and Samsung Captivate they are very fast compared to my Magic.

        As a trailblazer for Android in Canada the Magic overall has been an OK phone, but with the speed of new Android versions and phone technology released it’s seems like a brick now.

        I would love to stick with the HTC and get the Desire HD but from what I understand it won’t happen as it’s not possible on Rogers network (Unless HTC build a specific version)

        • Mo

          i’m patiently waiting for either the Desire HD or the Milestone 2. But it’s gonna be a while until any of those two are around.
          If you are with Rogers, and don’t care much about 3G speed (if you don’t have a data plan, or you don’t use your data much often) you can get the phone from Europe and it will work as it supports the 2G (GSM) network of Rogers. but it won’t run on 3G because it supports Europe’s 3G.

      • anammox

        It’s a backup phone! You must have money to burn… How much time do you spend on your phone when you’re fishing and hunting anyways?

  • Mo

    Dell what??? I already forgot about it.

    honestly though, the phone still has a way to go. I don’t mind the screen size, or overall device size. but when it’s still on the 1.6 and who knows when any updates are gonna be there, that’s when I completely put the phone in my “I don’t care” list. As well, having it locked to rogers is pure bull*#%*. Even the nexus when it is being sold subsidised by providers had a contract price and was being sold unlocked. Also, I doubt the phone would shine in battery life.

    • Jason

      Agreed regarding the Android version. How they think it’s ok to release a phone with version 1.6 now is pretty shocking (3 versions behind!), unless they think the only people interested are people who don’t know any better and will get it because of the size.

      I’ll wait a bit and see if Rogers commits to future updates with this phone. No Froyo then forget it. This is becoming THEE key selling feature with new Android phones to my mind (at least for those who actually know anything about them)…is how future ready is the hardware and is the carrier committed to keeping the phone updated for at least a couple years.

  • Lucstp66

    At my personnal feeling they are right in size, I am just waiting for a similar devices able to get the 3G Speed and with another provider.

  • Pass. Will take the Galaxy Tab over this.

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