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Bye Bye Nexus 6!

Motorola Nexus 6


Not only was the Nexus 6 a gargantuan phone with a massive 6″ display, but  the Nexus 6 ushered several changes to the Nexus program.  Rather than creating another reasonably priced device aimed particularly at developers, Google and Motorola partnered together to offer a device with true flagship level specs with a premium level price tag aimed at a much broader audience.

Of course, this decision was a little polarizing as many cried over the price hike but in the end I think the move got the Nexus name out there more than past Nexus’.  And now as the Nexus 6P carriers on the tradition of being the premium Nexus smartphone, we can now say a farewell to the Nexus 6 as Google has finally pulled the device from their store.

Of course, if you really want to grab a Nexus 6 still, you can often find it on sale through retailers such as Expansys or even ebay.

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