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Best Keyboard for Android – Poll Results

Last week I as was interested to see where people stood in thoughts of their favorite keyboards for the Android. I was very surprised at the results. If you missed the initial voting poll, you canfind it here.

Never in this lifetime did I think Go Keyboard would score as low as it did. I figured its extreme theme ability it would easily push to around 3rd, and my personal favorite Perfect Keyboard came in dead last. Talk about showing love for the under dog 😛

While the voting was going on last week, there was some confusion as to why swiftkey was at the top spot. Well, the official results are posted here for all to see. If you have beef, feel free to state why your favorite keyboard isn’t getting the love it deserves within the comments below. Perhaps you could even convince others to give yours a try.

Thanks to everyone who voted last week. If you didn’t get a chance to vote, you can grab the link at the top of this page and cast yours today.

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  • Lynn

    Hmm, I don’t know if I missed if you stated that perfect keyboard was your favourite or not in that article but I saw it in this and I downloaded it. Its actually a really nice keyboard! I’m actually preferring this over my ics keyboard! Thanks!!

    • Try it with the Storm HD skin. Beautiful!

      • Lynn

        It is quite pretty, infact. I’m finding that I press backspace a lot on this keyboard from error… I guess I need some more time to adjust to it although I think it is almost identical to the ICS keyboard. *fail*

        • Yes, pretty close. The pro version has skins though.
          Coming from the Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy Note, I felt right at home with a keyboard that looks and feels like stock ICS.
          Also if you slide up on your spacebar, arrows appear to help you move the curser in position if you typing on a big forum or something. 
          Not something I use all the time, but something that’s defiantly useful when the time comes

          • Lynn

            I was typing really fast and somehow that came up! I had no idea how to get rid of it so I had to uninstall and reinstall it… I realized after though.. haha *fail*

  • Pjf

    Based on the preliminary report, I  installed SiftKey, only to find that:
    1) I do not like the keyboard layout, and
    2) I found my error rate went WAY up (over Swype’s).

    Now I realize that I did not give it a long test (only 2 days), to try to get more acclimated, and of course YMMV.

    • Anonymous

      I find after tweaking the settings with switfkey it was the most accurate

  • Knightfire

    SwiftKey was a $0.49 app at one point so that may have sku’ed the results.

    I’m a first time Android user with the Galaxy Nexus and have yet to find a keyboard as nice as the one I had on my old iPhone 3G.  I’m looking for the ability to enter English, Japanese, Chinese, and Emoji.
    The lease that could be done would be to update the font (to Unicode 6.0 spec?).

  • Larry Watson

    Using  SwiftKey as well. Got it when they had the .10 app special, so far I really like. Prediction gets better as you use it.