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Bell Offers the 6GB $30 Data Plan

Almost all our major carriers here in Canada have been jumping on and off the 6GB data plan promos. Though they are great plans to have, it’s a real head scratcher as to why they keep discontinuing them in the first place, just to bring them back months later.

Currently there has been no word how long this promo will last for, but no doubt you’ll most likely have to sign a 3-year contract to be eligible to get this as usale. This could be useful if you got your eye on that new Galaxy Note, and don’t feel like paying extra for LTE plans, or not in a LTE coverage zone.

For details hit up your local Bell store, or dial *611 from your Bell mobile phone to speak to a representative.

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  • Jenksjordan

    Not true. Just talked to a rep and they confirmed that they were not having that promotion. 

    • I seen the physical document. Either he’s mistaken or something changed.
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  • Jenksjordan

    I’ve currently been put on hold for the last 20 minutes with a rep and she is telling me that she sees nothing on the website that states that plan is happening. I then right before spoke to a rep to find out if it was true and he told me that it was. Seems like Bell is giving me the run around.

    • Yeah, reps are often uneducated.
      Glad you found it through.

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  • Anonymous

    As of today February 23rd they are still offering the 6GB plans for 30$ for customers. Weather your new or existing. Just got my 2 phones upgraded. Total saving of 10$ 😛

    • Sweet man, thanks for the update.

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