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ASUS Releases A New 16GB ZenFone 2 Model With 4GB of RAM

The ASUS ZenFone 2 has been in the North American market for quite some time and now the company has released the 3rd ZenFone 2 model.

The ZenFone 2 previously came in a 1.8 GHz 16GB model with 2GB of RAM and a faster 2.3 GHz 64GB model, and now the company has released an intermediate version for those that don’t want to spend extra just to get more RAM. The new model has the same 1.8 GHz Intel SoC but instead comes with a 4GB RAM module allowing you to multitask much easier between apps.

As of now, this model is only available to purchase in the US but seeing as the company initally released the phone here as well, hopefully it won’t take long for it to cross the border. It’s also worth mentioning that we will soon release our own long term review of the ASUS ZenFone 2 soon, so stay tuned!


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