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Are You a Google Fanboy? Checkout the Official Google Store

Got some love for Google? Why not show the loyalty and love in wacky fun ways to make your friends jealous.

Something that would really grab someones attention is this crazy Android Cookie jar.

Fun and quirky not your thing? They also have more convention items such as T-shirts, Hats, Sweaters, Stickers, etc.

You find the link to this EPIC Cookie jar of awesomeness here –> Click me…please? 

For the more conventional items and gifts, you can head over to the Official Google. Don’t wait to long though, they are currently having some pretty decent sales while supplies last.


Thanks Jason for the heads up on this one.

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  • Garnet Ulrich

    I think you should take a look at shipping costs to canada on the google store.  Beyond ridiculous.  Check it out and think about writing about why we get so screwed for shipping resulting in the store being useless to us.  I like Google but the 3rd party that runs the store sucks with respect to shipping.

    • I agree that we do ge robbed on shipping costs, but the Google Store isn’t the only one who charges too much. I hear you though, It’s definitely not pleasant.

      • Tom, it’s beyond ridiculous. If you want a $2 book of stickers delivered, it’s $35 shipping. The cookie jar was nearly $100 to have shipped from what I remember…

        • $100?!?!? I haven’t actually ordered it yet, but if it’s indeed around 80+ I will totally agree with you.

          I figured $20-$30 to be reasonable for 2 day delivery but not much more is acceptable.

          Sent from my Android.

  • Terry Cameron

    I really want the Maps shirt, but the shipping is twice the price of the shirt. 🙁