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App updates this past week [Nov 4 ’12]

Perfect Viewer | Cash Droid | Chrome | Google Earth | Angry Birds Space | LinkedIn | Zedge | Starbucks | Bamboo Paper | Running Fred | Where’s My Water | Google Translate | Maps

Perfect Viewer

some bug fixes for the Book Shelf


Cash Droid

Some better reports now


Performance boosts

Google Earth

bug fixes

Angry Birds Space

10 more levels for RED PLANET.  You have no idea how happy that makes my kid.


Some premium users support


crash fixes


some bug fixes

Bamboo Paper

some UI enhancements (i.e. back button now works)

Running Fred

some new items and bug fixes (not that I ever get that far with it).

Where’s My Water

more levels

Google Translate

bug fixes and URL hook fixes


improved search format

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  • Anon

    any idea where the snapchat apk is?