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Angry Birds adds 15 New Levels of Mine & Dine

Rovio’s Angry Birds is the most popular game in the Android Market and for good reason. Not only is it a good game, but they continue to update it regularly.

For those of you that have 3 stars at every level, and desperately need something new, you will be happy to know that Rovio just released 15 new levels. The theme is Mine and Dine and you will be battling the pigs in underground tunnels

If you are one of the very few people that don’t already have it installed on your phone or tablet, head over to the source link to download it.


[via android market]

And if you are REALLY far behind on your Angry birds fix, Angry birds Rio also released their Carnival update not to long ago. You can find the LINK HERE


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  • Bob

    The Angry Birds Mine and Dine Level is a little bit scary
    for me. The location is very dark and I don’t find it very child friendly at
    all. It’s not that I am complaining but I think other older levels are a lot
    better graphically. But still, it is better than no game update at all!