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Andru Charger for Your Android, Users Best Friend (Updated)

Update: My bad on this one guys, but it has been fixed now. They originally did not ship to Canada, but after talking to them they did a lot of hard work and opened up the ordering process to us Canadians on my request. They now serve Canadians in the order process. When ordering, don’t use the fast checkout Amazon or Google methods as they are still U.S only currently, instead select “Proceed to checkout” near the top of the page after selecting how many units you would like to order.

I have successfully ordered 5 units to my Surrey/Vancouver location. I will have a couple to give away in the coming weeks. So my apologies for the mistake on showing you Canadians a U.S only product, but thanks to the Co-operation of PowerbyGen’s sales team, they now have full Canadian order support!

Searching around the internet, I found this cool little charger I wanted to share with our community here.

A charger is just a charger, but if you really want to flaunt you fanboy’ism, this will no doubt need to be in your collection. Once plugged in, his eyes turn blue to ensure you it’s charging. When you’re all done, you’ll also have a new little Android buddy to accompany you on your desk.

This isn’t one of those cheap USB chargers that recharges your phone slowly. With the specs of:

  • 120~240V AC
  • Output 5V/1A DC

You know it will operate at the level of your OEM charger.

It has a hefty price of $25, but if your a true fanboy/fangirl you’ll see the value in this for sure.

If you’re interested in picking this little guy up, head over to

Retired from AiC, You can now find me at

  • Ben

    How did you get it?  They don’t ship to Canada…

    • They had said they would ship to Canada. I’ll look in to it

    • Great news Everyone! After talking with OiwerbyGen, they have altered their ordering process to allow Canadians to order!
      You can’t use the fast checkout methods yet as they are still for the U.S, but if you click “Proceed to checkout” after selecting how many units you like, you can manually enter your information.

      I have successfully ordered 5 units to my Surrey/Vancouver Address.  Try again my friends, should work now