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Androids Stance in the Marketshare [how’s it doing in our backyard?]

So, recently during the MWC, Andy Rubin has stated that Android is now seeing 850,000 activations daily!!  That’s insane.  It wasn’t that long ago we were telling the world that it hit 700,000.  And the Market now has over 450,000 apps.

So, the Android machine is really gathering steam and powering forward as a big player these days.

This also comes on the heels of comScore’s recent data release and when you look at Canada, it puts a different spin on the Android stance.

Now, reading through you can dissect the same information several ways.  Immediately, you’ll notice that for smartphones RIM and Apple are neck and neck for the dominance.  It’s hard to believe RIM is still top dog.  But, when you look there’s still a 3rd out there for Android, WP7 and whatever else constitutes a SmartOS.  Still a far cry from the half that Android takes in the US market.

So what does that mean?  We keep hearing how it’s soaring and surging, but it’s still not quite making the splash in Canada as we have really heard.  Does that make a difference to you?


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