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Android’s Stair Dismount. You’ll Laugh, Cry, Fall Down Stairs?

I reviewed Stair Dismount quite a while ago. Shame on me, I actually ended up forgetting about it during my increasingly busy schedule day to day. During this Easter long weekend [Happy Easter by the way everyone] I stumbled across Stair Dismount once again. Remember how much fun and great laughs I had the first time playing with it, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play it again.

To my surprise, I was playing a whole new game. Many new levels, dummies, and add-ons really brought this game to all new highs from when I played it the firs time. You know what’s best about all that? It’s still FREE!

So let’s get in to it.

Stair Dismount by Secret Exit Ltd.

The only game that encourages you to post a picture on your dummies face such as your friends, family, enemies, perhaps your boss? Then have a little… Well… a LOT of fun pushing them down stairs and other various obstacles it deliver the most pain in points you can. Push them softly, with great force, or deliver a mighty kick to their leg making them do a barrol roll down the stairs, everything you’ve ever wanted to do to that slow person in front of you.

In all seriousness, this game is a great way to get a couple cheap laughs, perhaps even release a little aggression. With features such as:

  • The most convincing personal impact simulation seen on mobile devices!
  • Multiple inspiring locations for rapid descent
  • Intuitive controls
  • Select faces from the device Photo Library
  • The crunchiest sound effects ever heard in a digital entertainment product

You’ll have life like simulations without the whining and crying afterwords. Best of all, you can take snapshots live while playing your game and save or share them with your friends. Got some serious skills? You can even join the leader board if you’re one of the best at pushing people off stairs and cliffs.

Many features of this game are free. However, there are also some paid add-ons, but are not required to really enjoy the game, just to enhance your experience.

For all you Android fans, for Android only, you can even push Andy around.

If you got some free time, I suggest giving Stair Dismount a try. Perfect game for all ages, even get some laughs while doing it.

You can download Stair Dismount here via the Google Play Store.

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