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Android “Thumbtop” Computers Are Coming For $50

No, don’t worry, “thumbtop” isn’t a mistake, the term just hasn’t made it’s way into our vocabulary yet, but that should change soon.

If you’ve been following the recent news concerning Dell, you may have heard that the company is going through what people in the hockey world call a “rebuild”. The company’s success in the consumer realm in recent years has diminished due to the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets from the likes of Samsung, Apple, Acer, and Asus. People aren’t buying laptops the way they used to in the 90s, and Dell simply wasn’t prepared for this change in demand.

Now that Dell’s gone private with its $24-billion buy-out, you may be wondering how the company is planning to get its devices back into our homes. Well, to put it bluntly, they want to kill the desktop computer.


At CES last month, Dell unveiled a tiny thumbstick computer that left critics impressed. The company’s “Project Ophelia” is promised to arrive this June, runs on Android, connects to monitors or TVs via USB, connects to mice and keyboards through Bluetooth, and get this, is going to be sold for $50.

The device is going to come with next to no storage space, forcing users to save all their files on the cloud. As for those of you wondering how this little puppy is going to be powered, well the device runs on simply one watt and will draw its power from the monitor or TV via USB. For those of you who aren’t impressed by that, to put it in perspective, a normal desktop PC requires 300 watts. Impressed now?

As mentioned above, Project Ophelia is due out in June for $50.

[Fox News]

  • Robert Dyck

    Is AIC not aware of the multitude of Android TV sticks already on the market? I think this is simply a branding exercise.

    • James

      Dell making and selling them rather than tv sticks made by obscure manufacturers sold on Amazon is the story here.

  • Brent Ashley

    Very nice, well -ish. Now go out and try to find yourself a bluetooth mouse. Spoiler: you will find it very difficult unless you get an Apple mouse. All the others are 2.8GHz wireless with a proprietary USB button.

    • bluetooth mice are easy to find actually

      • Brent Ashley

        I’ll be glad for you to provide me with examples of where I can easily find bluetooth mice in Canada. I contend it’s not so easy.

        • Brent Ashley

          Well colour me embarrassed. I just looked in a few places and they’re available now. When I bought my Nexus 7 over 6 months ago they were almost impossible to find. I guess the Android market has opened up a niche that wasn’t worthwhile before. I could only find $50+ Microsoft/Apple bluetooth mice before, and now it looks like the $15-30 ones are becoming available.

  • Screw the cloud. Give me an SD slot.

  • Hockey World? lol.
    That’s like on American Pickers when they say “That’s what WE call, breaking the ice.” As if, it’s a term no one knows anything about. Egads.

  • I would really like to believe this but it’s put out by Fox News?