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Android Screen size, what is too big? [Poll]

Back years ago, I remember the slim and sexy phones where the most sought after phones. Where Motorola Razor ruled the market, PDAs and Palm Piolets were just starting to grab people’s attention. Now it seems as phones are being released month by month, screens are getting bigger and bigger.

So what kinda person are you? Are you the guy with a honking 5′ screen phone in your pocket for that wow factor, or are you a conservative 3.5 inch user. Perhaps you’re one of the those unlucky people still stuck with that ancient Motorola Razor?

I have put together a poll to see exactly where people stand when it comes to screen sizes.



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  • Munchkin

    Um, the “to” in the title should be “too” in this case. Just an FYI. 🙂

    • So it should be,  thank you ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I’m asian, so my Nexus S 4″is just a little too big. Hard to use with one thumb.
    iPhone screen was too small so I guess 3.7″ is perfect… Or 4″ but with 16:9 ratio!

    • Why does it matter that you’re asian? Do asians have smaller pockets?

      • Anonymous

        Smaller pockets LOL. Asians generally have smaller hands.
        My thumb cannot reach the top left corner of the screen when holding with my right hand.
        Well I can, I just have to hold it “differently”.

        • I would say I have above average sized caucasian hands (regular sized pockets), and I can’t reach the top left corner of my phone that way either (4.3″ screen). Don’t feel like you have to suffer this alone.

  • Man hands

    Yeah I a lady with man hands (Ever see that episode of Sienfield?) so 4″ an above works perfect for me 🙂

  • Peter Tran

    I bet we would see very interesting results if gender was a factor.

  • Nick Grega

    Don’t want to be a dick here, but, in the survey, the symbol you used to designate inches actually means feet (inches is ” ). Though the idea of a 4 foot screen seems awesome, I would need to invest in some new pants, with much larger pockets!

  • 4r4nd0mninj4

    So far the only downside to my new Infuse 4G is its’ lack of LED notification, no stock video calling for Gtalk, and low RAM. So far everything looks awesome on the 4.53″ screen! I’m worried about the RAM though. With only a few messenger apps running I have less than 100MB left to spare…

  • ker

    Screen size race on Android phones is ridiculous. A phone has to remain small enough to fit in any pocket and to keep unnoticed. To my taste the maximum size would be 4 inches but only if it goes up to the edge. I am not an iPhone fan but I think a phone should never be bigger than an iPhone 4 but thinner and with a screen covering the whole surface (edge to edge).