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Android Pay Available in Canada for Some Users, Unofficially


Google’s mobile paying system, Android Pay seems to have made its way to some Canadian Android phone owners.

One user on Reddit shared the following not so long ago:

I got an update to Android Pay, version 1.12.141346482, this morning and noticed it was showing all my cards as “Not Accepted” except one, a ScotiaBank SCENE Visa card.

I tried adding the card and it showed me the Android Pay terms (which isn’t new, it had been doing that for a while now) but this time after accepting the conditions my card was successfully added. See here.



9to5Google was also able to confirm with another person using a Scoatiabank VISA card that they were able to add a card to Android Pay this morning. In order to do that you will have to have Android Pay installed on your phone which isn’t currently available via the Play Store in Canada. However you can download the APK right here.

The feature seems to have become available to users holding on to select cards, so many of you might not have access to it. Google has been contacted to comment and issued out this response:

We’re excited to bring Android Pay to Canadians, however it is currently not available in Canada.

However this doesn’t change the fact that Android Pay is working for users with a Scoatiabank VISA card, who have downloaded the APK.


  • Vince Callas

    Previously I did not have a version of Android Pay installed but was able to install it today from the Play Store. Unfortunately I only have RBC credit cards and they are not working yet.

  • Cyclops

    I have a Scotiabank Scene Visa card and it’s still tells me: This card can’t be used with Android Pay.

  • LaJokiere

    I have a scotia Bank Scene visa n I can confirm it works I paid with my phone at Harvey’s with my s7

    • Cyclops

      I have an S7 Edge and Android pay is not accepting my Scotiabank Scene Visa card

  • LaJokiere

    In ur setting under nfc payments I selected Scotiabank an with the app n nfc turned on I can tap n pay with my s7 I added my scene visa to my Scotiabank app n it works for me