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Android Market Update now rolling out in Canada

So a while back we had shown you the new Android Market. There were a few problems associated with it, but it started to stabilize.

Personally I had shied away from it. I tried it, but then a couple of force closes and I reverted to the ‘stock’ version.

Well last night I went to check for app updates and noticed it had updated itself. So no more needing to sideload the update if you wanted it. Now it’s not an option. I went to check on my wife’s phone and it automatically did the same thing.

So, I won’t review it, as most of you have previously seen it already – but it’s neat. Very Metro UI. Swipe left and right to view the categories. Staff picks is novel. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a button for “MY APPS”. I know it should automatically tell me which updates are there, but it’s not always so on the ball for that [same with the G+ notifications eh Tom?]. And I know if I hit ‘menu’ there’s an option for it… but I don’t want to have to hit the soft buttons (funny, I cursed when they removed the hard buttons, now I barely even want to use them).

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  • LGR

    Hey Ryan, what phones are you seeing the update on? I have Telus DHD and no updae yet…

    Maybe someone knows of a trick to force the update?

    • Anonymous

      I have a SGS Captivate… no rooting or anything.  My wife has the Acer Liquid E… stock.
      Maybe it’s rolling out progressively.

      Typically if an update or an install from the web doesn’t come through I’ve been told to sign out and then sign back into google Talk as everything is kind of linked into your phone through that.

      • Anonymous

        My Samsung Captivate on Rogers got the new Market today.

        • Mystek

          HTC Desire Z here on Bell, still no update for me. Wonder when it’ll be out? =

  • Guest

    I have had this for weeks on my Captivate (from the market, not a direct APK install).

    • Anonymous

      yes, you could download the ‘unofficial’ update weeks ago… but this one you don’t have to sideload it…

  • Nigel

    Got this update on my Atrix of weeks ago…automatically, not a ‘forced update’. 

    Now I wish they would send my the 2.3.4 update!

    • Anonymous

      2 weeks ago it came in for you?  in canada?

  • I’ve found it to be very sluggish. I’m using a SG2 unlocked on Telus and most of the windows take 10 seconds or so to load. The market used to be incredibly snappy. Not impressed so far 🙁

    • Anonymous

      yeah, for me as well it’s quite… ‘laggy’

  • Can I ask what exact version did you get with this OTA.

    • Anonymous

      My build version is: 3.1.5

      • Anonymous

        for me 3.1.5 just came today [had 3.1.3]

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