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Android Distribution Numbers Updated For January, Marshmallow Slowly Rises To 0.7%


We’re now well into the new year and Google has updated their Android distribution numbers accordingly. These numbers are updated by Google at roughly the start of every month for developers to look at so they can generalize what version of Android their potential install base is running and act upon it.

The newest Android version, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, only saw a 0.2% increase from December 2015 to sit at 0.7%, while Lollipop as a whole increased by 3.1%. KitKat and Jelly bean also decrease by 0.5% and 2.2% respectively. ICS and Gingerbread also decreased while Froyo for almost a year manages to stay constant at 0.2%

Comparing the adoption rate to iOS is indeed quite embarrasing but it’s worth mentioning that at this time last year, Lollipop hadn’t even made it to the chart so Marshmallow’s adoption rate should be considered as a huge improvement.

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