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Android Distribution Numbers Out For August, Lollipop Increases To 18.1%


After skipping July, Google has finally posted their Android Distribution numbers for August. For those unfamiliar with this monthly occurence, these numbers are updated by Google at roughly the start of every month for developers to look at so they can generalize what version of Android their potential install base is running and act upon it.

As of today August 3rd, Android Lollipop now holds 18.1% of the share where Android 5.1 increased by 1.8% to sit at 2.6% while Lollipop as a whole increased 5.7%. KitKat manages to increase a very small 0.1% to 39.3% whereas Jellybean dropped almost 4%. ICS and Gingerbread still see a decline and for probably a half a year, Froyo manages to not change at all at 0.3%.

Android M is scheduled to come out by September/October so it’ll be interesting to see the distibution chart for when that happens.

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