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Android by the Numbers (stats)

So, I ‘m a numbers guy, maybe it’s just that I was good in math, maybe I’m just OCD and things need to make sense and fit nicely into little graphs etc… but I like seeing stats.

Add that to my enthusiasm for Android and I like to see how well we’re doing.  So how is Android doing?


According to IDC we’re #1 phones in the world.


Staying steady.  We had lost some ground, but we’re slowly on the rise again (almost 10% / qtr).

In the US – one of the bigger markets to compare ourselves to, how is it doing?

comScore is saying that Android is hitting it’s critical mass as the growth is starting to slow:


Neilsen helps put the manufacturers into the picture:


How about tablets?

OPA puts Android now on the same level as iOS

Obviously that Kindle Fire took a lot of the % for us, but I’ll be betting that when we start getting N7 numbers the numbers will zoom.

Apple’s obvious defense will be “but we make more money”, which is easy when most of your products are a clear multiple of a similar device.

For those Androids, what are we running?

Here’s the latest in the ‘fragmentation’ scenario.  Which, if you ask me isn’t fragmented at all.  When you look at features from 2.1+ they still rival iOS…

JB is now on about 1% of the devices.  Slow growth to say the least.  And ICS is still not getting as much steam as it should either.

So, we’re pretty much winning on all fronts.  Even though most of us aren’t on the latest edition (c’mon, get with it gang, root and flash).

Android is clearly the winning side!

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