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Android 2.2 Froyo for Rogers Dell Streak starts rolling out

Unlocked Dell Streak owners already got the Froyo treatment a few months back and now it’s Rogers’ turn. Dell has begun rollling out the Android 2.2 update on the 5″ Dell Streak for both Rogers and AT&T.

The main highlights include Dell’s Stage UI software layer and Flash 10.1 support. Definitely a big step up from the current Android 1.6 that runs on the device. I’m curious if it’ll ever be updated beyond 2.2 but good on them for keeping the Streak more relavent.

Be patient though, these rollouts can take up to a few weeks.

[via MobileSyrup]


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  • Leslie Anne

    I just happened to check the availability of updates in the settings of my Streak a couple of days ago and was amazed, and delighted to find it was available! The upgrade went smoothly and no real problems since. I’m using the “portable hotspot” capability to send this on my laptop. It’s a nice advance and runs very smoothly.
    I have to give a lot of credit to Aziz at the Rogers Customer Relations Department. When the first Dell Streak arrived direct from Dell Canada it wouldn’t work with my genuine Rogers SIM. After hours of fruitless searching for answers and help he offered me a Rogers Streak (same phone) without charging an early termination fee. He also found me a slightly cheaper, and significantly better, voice and text plan.
    I do have a question for the brains trust here… is the photo editing still available in 2.2? I used it in 1.6 but haven’t found it yet in Froyo.