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Amazon App Store Woes


Amazon App Store Woes

Like many of you out there I have been bitten by the bug. I’m not much of a gamer, but these simple yet seemingly strategy based games has me hooked. Specifically Angry Birds.

I’ve got both on my phone now. How grateful I am that I have a phone that can handle having both installed.

So when I heard there was going to be a third version of the game I couldn’t wait. Then I found out that it was only going to be on the amazon app store… that’s disappointing, as I don’t like to install other kinds of apps just to get one app, but for this game I would suffer.

I saw the release today and went for it. Luckily it’s also free today. Double woohoo!

So it downloads the Amazon application, no problem. I have an Amazon account, never used it, but but I have one. From the app I tell it to download Rio… here’s where it takes some time.

I thought it was taking time because I was free, and maybe I might still have to include some kind of payment information. But no, this is what I saw:


I test out a few other apps all with the same problem. This is frustrating… albeit not as frustrating when we weren’t allowed paid apps in Canada in the early days, and but still.

What really irks me is that this game is available ONLY through this market (gotta be careful calling it an app store, don’t want to get sued). And the game isn’t regularly free, and by the time they figure out how to include us Canadians in their system the promo will be over.

Le sigh

Any more of this “US only” going around (have you tried Google Books?) and I might have to look into webOS or WP7 (I’m hoping to be able get my hands on a version of one the phones to do a comparison).

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  • syn

    The wrost part was having to download the amazon market app then set up the account for one click then select the app(angry birds) only to find out at taht point you cant do it,… though after doing some digging i found out it doesnt use carrier signal to find out your region just the billing address on account so using a friends account in states on phone allowed me to download it here 🙂 just had to wipe data on amazon market app and put in friends account info voila worked flawlessly

  • Sivanrehan

    I tried to open a new account but it still didn’t work. I read that it works only for certain carriers. Very frustrating. I hate being excluded. I got the angry birds Rio app somewhere else.. I love it! 🙂

  • If its free, Why not hunt for a APK on the net to install on your phone outside of the market?
    Cant steal what is free right? Go google it ^_~

    • ryanmmoore

      already done – just wished that they would have cleared this up – now the issue is if they ever update the app (with new levels – ‘cuz i’ve already finished it) I can’t get it as easily

  • Yeah, total bummer going through the whole process just to be denied at download. What a pain. Usually Amazon is better about this stuff…

  • joyeful

    I’m glad someone else is talking about this. Pandora I could understand – they’ve had licensing issues for years now. But Google Books, Car Home, and now Angry Birds Rio. I was incredibly annoyed after going through the whole process only to find out it wasn’t available in Canada for Android users, especially when iPhone users have been able to purchase it.

  • Angry Birds Rio is now free in the Android Market!

  • Ali Baba

    So are they checking the billing or the shipping address ?
    If you 1-click shipping address is US based which your billing address is Canadian one, would that work ?

  • Me

    June 15 and still not available. There is a workaround (fake address& cc info) but then only free apps available.

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  • Pepe K

    I have an iPhone and used an I pad for a couple weeks… I bought an Acer anroid tablet and am experiencing all kinds of gliches etc with the android apps and operations that neverexist with apple products….I’m not loyal to apple or anything and not crazy with them not putting certain things in their product like Flash or USB parts etc. but I find their products run so much smoother and efficiently than android stuff. I.ll be returning the tablet for sure.
    As far as phone go,I wish I could put an apple 4s operations/guts into the frame of a galaxy nexus.that.s a sweet phone except for android….