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A New Google Easter Egg Appears, Google Search “Zerg Rush”

Google has done a fantastic job when it comes to adding little surprises to our mobile phones, apps and easter eggs within Google Search itself.

This latest easter egg found happens when you Google Search “Zerg Rush”, everyone should know what that means. for some odd reason if you’ve been living under a rock for many years, Zerg Rush is a reference to a highly popular classic game called StarCraft. Funny enough, ‘Zerg Rush’ is also the name of one of the latest exploits used in rooting many of our Android Phones which has been getting better and better as time goes on.

So If you got some time to kill, why not give it a shot and let the games begin.

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  • Anonymous

    saw. searched. thought “awsume”. try to tell friends about it ->  “Additional Supply Depots required”. damn it!