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Android Distribution Numbers Out For April, Android 6.0 Marshmallow Doubles To 4.6%


It is now the 5th of April and Google has updated their Android distribution numbers, as you’d expect from this monthly phenomenon. These numbers are updated by Google at roughly the start of every month for developers to look at so they can gen eralize what version of Android their potential install base is running and act upon it.

Last month, we saw Marshmallow at 2.3% now it has doubled to 4.6%. This number will only grow from here on out as more OEMs release their Android 6.0 OTAs (we’re looking at you ASUS, BlackBerry and Sony…). The other versions saw a decrease, with Lollipop and KitKat down to 35.8% and 33.4% respectively.

The only version that did not see neither was Android 2.2 Froyo as it still remains at 0.1%.

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