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2300mAh Battery for Galaxy Nexus only $5.99!

I ordered an extended battery for my Galaxy nexus. It recently came in the mail and I have ran it through it’s tests today. So far it lasted just as long as the stock battery that came with my Galaxy Nexus, but keep in mind that this is only my first charge. Lithium Ion batteries need about 3-5 cycles before they reach their full potential, so I remain hopeful for the time being.

Worse case senario, if it ends up only lasting as long as the stock battery, $5.99 + Free shipping is defiantly nothing to complain about for any replacement battery.

If you are interested in grabbing a this battery for your Galaxy Nexus I9250 (GSM Model) you can find the Ebay Link Here

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  • mike

    Nice, are there any batteries for S2?

  • Leroy

    Those knockoff eBay batteries are cheap but you tend to get what you pay for.  I got two batteries for my Captivate plus charger for about $12-14. One battery died almost immediately, the other is still working but it only holds about 2/3 of the charge as the original. Oh yeah, they looked almost identical to the original batteries but the ink rubbed off very quickly.

  • Jeff Roloson

    I bought sgs2 2 standard replacement batteries that have the same stickers as that and they are on par with the stock battery. I also bought one that looked identical to the stock one which dies when it gets to 50%

  • do they have the NFC chip on them ? does your nfc work with that battery installed ? 

    • Anthony Kantara

      I was just about to ask the same thing!

  • KnightFire

    How about overheating, I’m worried about these too good to be true prices, and having the wee beastie catch fire or explode in my new phone.

  • John

    Is your battery ordered a battery for the Galaxy Nexus GSM version or the Galaxy Nexus LTE version?  They are different in size..

  • Jake Murray

    If it did not come with an extended case, than the battery is no larger in size than the stock battery. Chances are it is still the same mAh and explains why it gives you the same lifetime as the stock battery. Ebay batteries often overstate the actual mAh.

  • Talha

    Is the battery lasting you any longer than the stock battery?