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Get a Nexus 4? You can have LTE too!

How’s your morning?  Mine was filled with shovelling and snowblowing and general Canadian wintery stuff.  We just got a huge dumping of snow, so it was a nice ‘surprise’.

Know what made it all worth while?  Finding out that the Nexus 4 can have LTE.


We heard in the tear downs recently that there was the LTE chip in there, but it was probably ‘switched off’ as it was nearly an identical build to the Optimus G, so it was easier to leave it in, but off than change your production (that’s the theory).

Well, apparently “switched off” is a flexible term, as it’s been found out how to enable it.  Thank you XDA.

And apparently anybody can do it.  It was a trick I showed you a while back about how to ensure your phone stayed on 4G or whichever bands were strongest (I found mine often switched too easily to 2G and just stayed there).

  1. Load up the dialer
  2. punch in the following *#*#4636#*#*  (essential *#*#INFO#*#*)
  3. this will bring you to a special screen with some phone settings, choose “phone info”
  4. scroll down for the ‘mode’ and you’ll see that it has something like “WCDMA preferred” click it to bring up a list to change the option, pick one with LTE
  5. wait to see if LTE is brought up
  6. done

And don’t play with anything else in there… you can really mess up those settings.

What’s extra awesome is that it’s only good in Canada.  The LTE bands it has are the ones that are compatible with most Canadian carriers.  How cool is that!?!?!

Now, the caveat here is twofold:  a) don’t mess with your other settings, you can seriously have a bad time doing that; b) I’ve found that when you reboot it defaults back to WCDMA mode, so you’ll have to redo it everytime you reboot.

But you know what?  You’ll have LTE!  Well, give it a try and let’s see the SpeedTests!

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  • Hosein

    I just tested my Nexus 4 on Fido and it perfectly works on LTE. 🙂
    So excited!

  • Sivan Rehan

    Now I just need to finally get the Nexus4!

  • David

    That is very cool, any word on a full fix from xda?

    • i don’t think there’s any necessary… just punch in info, select the band, done.

      • Just noticed the caveat Mobilesyrup added about Google Now when using LTE/GSM configurations. Looks like it doesn’t update. Works fine under LTE Only though. Not possible for me to test here in Winnipeg. I’ve got it set to LTE/GSM/CDMA and no updating problems, but I don’t have the ability to switch to LTE here since Rogers doesn’t offer it yet. Might be a LTE/GSM switching issue.

        • what kind of updating problems? updating the OS? updating to the network? when it’s on lte/gsm it’ll find the stronger of the 2… so it just may not be going on lte as gsm is stronger


            Scroll to the last “UPDATE” paragraph….Sounds like Google Now just can’t update its information….weather, sports scores, etc, when switching. I’ve got my phone setup with LTE/GSM and it updates just fine, but again, there isn’t even a possibility of my phone going to LTE mode so the key may be there.

          • As in updating the information on Google Now (weather cards, sports scores, etc). The post said that on LTE Only setting, it worked fine, but on LTE/GSM, it wouldn’t update information. I have my phone set to LTE/GSM right now, and it’s updating fine, but again, I’m in Winnipeg, so not possible for my phone to get LTE in the first place, so I can only assume it’s a switching issue.

          • ah… yeah, it could be trying to find LTE, not getting it, switching to GSM… which I forget if technically it looks around on HSPA for that, or does it need to be WCDMA for HSPA.

            still jealous of you getting an N4

  • asno

    Tested on Rogers, don’t seem to have much luck I will try again later

    • Khalil

      need to change the apn. check mobilesyrup’s video

  • Wouldn’t work on Rogers here in Winnipeg since LTE isn’t up yet, but my contract is up this month and I was considering switching to MTS and one of their unlimited data plans, and they have their own LTE AWS network. May just go make the switch today and will report back.

  • 4wallz

    A little late, but I just got my Nexus 4 and it works in BC’s lower mainland. My speeds weren’t phenomenal, but they were faster than when on H+. 4G gave me 14Mbps download and HSPA+ gives me around 7Mbps.

  • redheadednomad

    Works great on Virgin Mobile – I got 35Mbps on LTE. I already get 18-20 Mbps on HSPA+, so this is just icing on the cake