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GameStick Redesigns And Finalizes The Controller And Dock


The Android gaming market barely exists and already there are two major contenders.  The first to the show was OUYA system and they seem just about ready to begin mass production.  The other major competitor is GameStick.  They came out a little while after OUYA but found a way to create an even more compact gaming system.

And just as OUYA has finalized their designs, GameStick has also finalized their system as well.  After getting some feedback from their Kickstarter backers, they decided to redesign the controller and the dock.  The controller has gone away from the straight rectangular NES style controller to a slightly more rounded design that they say fits better in the hand.

They also created a new dock that is separate from the actual GameStick and will feature an HDMI port, two HDMI out ports, a SD Card slot, and Ethernet Port, and three USB Ports.

If this has piqued your interest, you can still head over to their Kickstarter page and snag one of these for as low as $79!

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