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Nexus 4 Coming To Fido

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It would appear Fido sneaked out some rather huge news this morning…

Over on their upcoming phone-reservation page, in addition to the Blackberry 10 (who cares?) one can now reserve the Nexus 4. The 16GB variant of the phone can be reserved for a refundable $40 deposit, with the device slated for release early-February. No news on device pricing as of yet.

Is it me, or is Fido getting better and better in terms of offering premier devices?


  • Tony Wong

    Hey that’s pretty cool. At least if you want one you can actually buy one despite all the Google Play – LG kerfuffle.

    Too bad I just got mine a few weeks ago through an external seller.

  • lx

    Why not? I bought my Nexus S from Fido, and they currently carry Galaxy Nexus. So Nexus 4 is not at all a surprise! They currently carry Black Berry devices and the iPhone so again. Where’s the getting better part?

    • AiCMark

      Well not sure I would consider bb devices premiere but you’re right about nexus devices and Iphones. I guess I meant there’s way more choice now whereas there used to be only the Iphones and one or two decent android phones.