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Everyone Mad at Moto? UPDATED!

The first and most obvious place to see how upset people are …


Telus is giving them away for $0

Today Telus updated their mobility site to offer $0 phones on 2 …


Future Shop Announces Pre-Orders for Nexus S

Yesterday Future Shop, the largest retailer for consumer electronics in Canada, announced …


Motorola Atrix Locked Down Good, No Useful Comment Provided – UPDATED.

The Atrix is locked down. Yes you can root it but for …

droid series

American Phones; Are They Worth It?

There is definitely a wide range of different Android phones on the …


Atrix Arrives in Canada, Pandemonium Ensues

Do you feel any different? Well you should – you should feel …


Virgin Mobile HTC Legend Finally Gets Android 2.2

Lately, there has been a stream of great update news for Canadian Android users. …

HTC Desire HD -

Telus Gingerbread updates coming

If you’re a Telus customer and own the HTC Desire or the …

Android Graph

Android Market on the Rise

Statistics came out last week that show that the Android Market is …

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Koodo knocks $25 off LG Optimus One, adds free $100 Visa gift card

If there wasn’t enough incentive for Koodo customers to switch to Android, …

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Flash Player 10.2 coming to Honeycomb on March 18, Gingerbread and Froyo to follow

A lot of criticism towards the Motorola Xoom is that it doesn’t …

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Videotron Android phones now free on contract

So, $50 phones weren’t good enough for you? How about $0? If …