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Flash Player 10.2 coming to Honeycomb on March 18, Gingerbread and Froyo to follow

A lot of criticism towards the Motorola Xoom is that it doesn’t …

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Videotron Android phones now free on contract

So, $50 phones weren’t good enough for you? How about $0? If …


Google Maps Navigation now routes around traffic in real-time

Google Maps Navigation is already a killer exclusive Android app that Google …

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Motorola Atrix coming to Bell on March 17

It is official. The Motorola Atrix has got a confirmed March 17 …

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First Koodo Android phone officially released, the LG Optimus One

Koodo users can now rejoice. Android has hit the budget Telus owned …


Honeycomb statue arrives at Googleplex

We’re now getting very close to the Motorola Xoom release in the …


HTC Desire, Desire Z, Desire HD and Incredible S getting Gingerbread by Q2 2011

Android updates aren’t the most pleasant experience for users. Even the Google’s …


Android 2.2 Froyo for Rogers Dell Streak starts rolling out

Unlocked Dell Streak owners already got the Froyo treatment a few months …


How fast is Android growing? Really fast

It’s really hard to imagine how fast Android is really going. We …

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Nexus One finally receiving Gingerbread, 2.3.3 also fixes Nexus S bugs

It’s about time for the Nexus One to taste Gingerbread. Google is …