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How To Run Android Apps With Google Chrome

  If you ever wanted to try out your favourite apps on …

LG G3 Billboard

LG Goes BIG To Promote The LG G3

  LG has definitely stepped up their advertising game this year and …

Galaxy Note Edge Press - 3

The Galaxy Note Edge Will Indeed Be Coming To Canada

  I’ve got some good news for those of you looking to …


Android L To Be Encrypted By Default

Privacy has been, and continues to be a major issue and topic …

OnePllus Pre-Order

OnePlus Explains Their Reason For The Invite System And Introduce Their Pre-Order System!

OnePlus took to their blog today to announce that they will soon …

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE

Rogers And Fido Add The Budget Galaxy Core LTE To Their Line Up

  Another budget device has hit Canadian shores as Rogers and Fido …

OnePlus Bamboo

OnePlus Stops Production Of StyleSwap Covers – Promises Better For The OnePlus 2

  One of the more unique aspects of the OnePlus One was …

Moto X 2014 - 3

Motorola Shows Off The Moto Xs Software Features In Their Latest Trio Of Ads

The new Moto X will soon make its way to carriers in …


Here’s What Google Play Store 5.0 Will Look Like

Android L seems to be just around the corner and Google is …

Galaxy S5 Active Press

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Now Available On Bell And Rogers

As previously reported, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is coming to Canada …

OnePlus v Apple

Apple Mockery Round Up

I already shared Samsung’s new series of Apple bashing ads yesterday but …

Galaxy Note Edge Press - 4

Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple’s New iPhone 6 In Latest Note 4 Ads

Samsung is no stranger to taking a shot or two at its …