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The HTC M4 Surfaces Again – Think Mini HTC One

  The HTC M4 has surfaced several times before.  Previously it was …

Sony Xperia

Sony Could Be Bringing Some Real Game Changers To Market

As I’ve said before, Sony really looks to be stepping up their …

Xperia J

Sony Xperia J Launches On Bell And Virgin – Yours For As Low $150 Outright

  If you’re in the market for a low cost entry level …

s4 teardown

Samsung Galaxy S4 Exposed 2; iFixit Teardown

If the Chipworks teardown and analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S4 we …

Sony Xperia

Rumour: Sony’s Prepping Another “Z”

  A new rumour has surfaced today that Sony will soon be …


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Exposed; Teardown Analysis

A major device launch wouldn’t be complete without the device in question being ripped …

Optimus G Pro Event

LG Will Be Holding An Optimus G Pro Event On May 1 – Question Is Will It Come To Canada

LG is planning to hold an event in New York in a …

Galaxy S IV 6

Want A Waterproof/Dustproof SIV? It Could Coming

  As you guys may or may not know, I work in …

SIV on Koodo

If You’re Planning To Buy The S4 Outright, You May Want To Go To Koodo

  If you’re looking to grab an SIV and don’t want to …

Bell Nexus 4

Bell Will Also Carry The Nexus 4

  Yet another Canadian carrier will be adding the latest Nexus, the …

Galaxy S IV 1

Galaxy S IV Scratch Test Video

One of the worst things that can happen to your shiny new …

Nexus 4

Rumour: No New Nexus This Year At I/O

  The definite highlight of Google I/O each year is the new …