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Lollipop For OnePlus One Is In Final Testing

This is supposed to be the month where every OEM who promised …

HTC M8 Lollipop

Lollipop Rolling Out To The HTC One M8 In Canada!

Just yesterday HTC began rolling out Lollipop to the One M8 in …

Oxygen OS

OnePlus Unveils Their New OS

  Exciting news for any OnePlus fans out there!  OnePlus announced the …

HTC M8 Lollipop

European HTC One M8 Users Getting Their Lollipop Today!

Yet another flagship device is starting to receive Lollipop today!  HTC’s Senior …

Note 3 Lollipop

Lollipop Has Begun To Roll Out To The Note 3 In Russia

Well how about that.  The Galaxy Note 3 has beat out its newer …

Broken Lollipop

WIND Moto X (2014) Lollipop Update Reportedly Bricking Phones

  So I’ve got some bitter sweet news to pass your guys’ …

LG G2 Lollipop

Lollipop Has Begun To Rollout To The LG G2 In Korea

Well isn’t this exiting!  LG has begun rolling out Lollipop to the …

Moto X 2014 Lollipop

Lollipop Rolling Out To The Moto X 2014 On Telus

Good news Moto X 2014 users!  Word around Reddit is that Lollipop …

HTC Sense Android 5.0

Lollipop Rolling Out To Unlocked And Developer Edition M8’s!

Good news ladies and gents as HTC’s Lollipop roll out has officially …

Note 4 Lollipop - 1

Samsung Updates Galaxy Note 4 User Manual For Lollipop

Don’t you just love it when all signs are pointing to a …

AOSP Lollipop

Rumour: Samsung To Strip Down TouchWiz With The Galaxy S6

  Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is constantly criticized for being bloated, over-filled with features, …

HTC M8 Lollipop

Here’s The HTC M8 Running Lollipop

Just yesterday we got a look at the HTC One M7 running …